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Question Answer
What artery supplies the foregut with blood?Celiac Artery
What vein drains the midgut?Superior Mesenteric Vein
What nerve innervates the paraysmphatetic system for the midgut?Vagus Nerve
What does the Hundgut consist of? Descending colon, rest of gut tube, sigmoid colon and rectum.
What are the preganglionic sympathetic cell bodies for the midgut? T10-11
What is the Hindgut supplied by?Superior Mesenteric Artery
Where does the Foregut receive preganglionic sympathetic cell bodies?T5-9
Where do the Foreguts preganglionic sympathetic cell bodies travel through? Greater Splanchnic Nerve
What does the Midgut consist of ?large Intestine,Jejunum, Ileum, Ascending colon, Tranverse colon, part of the Descending colon.
Foregut, postganglionic cell bodies are located where?Celiac ganglion
What is the Hindgut drained by?Inferior Mesenteric Vein
Where are postganglionic cell bodies found in the midgut?Lesser Splanchnic Nerve
What is the foregut drained by?Splenic Vein
What is the Hindguts parasympathetic innervation by ?Sacral Parasympatethic Outflow
Where are preganglionic fibers emerge from for the hindgut? S2-S4
How are preganglionic fibers distributed by in the hindgut?Illihypogastric Plexus
Where do sympathetic fibers for the hindgut come from?T10-11
Postganglionic fibers(cell bodies)are located where for the hindgut?Superior and Inferior Mesenteric Ganglion