Stomach Cancer

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PrognosisBad, but it is decreasing in prevalence. Increases with age >65
definitionadenocarcinoma of the stomach wall
Many theories to etiology, what might be some?H. Pylori, auto-immune related inflammation, repeated exposure to irritants (bile, antiinflammatory agents, tobacco).
What types of foods has stomach cancers been associated with?smoked foods, salted fish/meat, and pickled vegetables
Type of diet associated with reduced rates of stomach cancerwhole grains, fresh fruits & vegetables
Other predisposing factorsatrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia, adenomatous polyps, hypertrophic gastropathy & achlorhydria
Why is stomach cancer so bad?spreads by direct extension & typically infiltrates rapidly to surrounding tissues.


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Weightweight loss
Hungerearly satiety
Painabdominal pain/cramp and indigestion
Anemia can cause why signs/symptoms?pale and weak, maybe occult blood in stool
Supraclavicular lymph nodes feelhard
If ascites is present?poor prognosis, liver involvement


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Upper GI endoscopyinject air to distend so mucosal folds can be stretched, visualize & take samples
Endoscopic ultrasound, CT & PET scan can be used forthe staging of the disease
Laproscopy is used todetermine peritoneal spread
Blood chemistrieselevations in liver enzymes & serum amylase may indicate liver and pancreatic involvement.
Stool examination evidence of occult or gross bleeding
Post-opGeneral post-op; similar to PUD post-op (NG tube, dumping syndrome, nutritional therapy)

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