STI Symptoms

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Pelvic Inflammatory DiseaseSpread microorganisms from vagina into upper genital tract; includes- endometriosis, salpingitis, tubo-ovarian abscess, pelvic peritonitis, asymptomatic (60%) or mild (lower ab pain, cramping), ectopic pregnancy, infertility, chronic pelvic pain
Chlamydia#1 STD Most asymptomatic- death fetus, burning sensation when urinating and discharge, thin mucopurulent drainage, Caused by bacteria Tx: Doxycycline, Erisomysin --. infertility
Hepatitis BCaused by Virus. May affect liver. Fever, Headache, liver failure. Makes more susceptible to other- like infections. Jaundice, anorexia, nausea/vomit, malaise/fever. Tx: some immunizations. Chronic: B, C, D.
Genital HerpesItching, Blister on genitals, flu-like symptoms, urinary retention, tingling, dormant period and recurrent infection; devastating effects on newborn. Tx: acyclovir (palliative treatment)
SyphilisCaused by bacterial Treponema pallidum. Painless sores. May lead to fetal mental illness, blindness, heart disease. Tx: Penicillin G, Doxycycline, Tetracycline.
Gonorrhea #2 STD Caused by bacteria. Pain during urination, green-yellow discharge. Can lead to blocked oviducts. Tx: antibiotic therapy
Trichomoniasisasymptomatic or mild symptoms: yellow-frothy odorous discharge, vulvar itching, dysuria, dyspareunia. Tx: metronidazole to both partners, NO att. pregnant on this med.
Human Papilloma Virus/Condylomata Acuminatacaused by virus, painless warts, pruritus, redness, discharge. Tx: remove warts and follow-up. Vaccine: Gardacil and Cervarix age 10+
Pediculous Pubic "CRABS"lice, parasite phthisis, sexual contact or shared towels, S/S: itching. Tx: kill parasite (difficult) with shampoos, hot water
Scabiessexual contact and towels, like small bug bits. Itching, erythematous, popular lesions or furrows. Tx: 5% permethrin cream, towels with HOT water.


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Vulvovaginal Candidiasislower GI infect, fungal yeast infection, reoccurring (4+ per year) may have issues with blood glucose S/S: thick white discharge, itching, dysuria, dyspareunia. Tx: miconazole cream
Cervical Cancer Causescaused by HPV, cigarette smoking, alcoholism, poor nutrition, immunosuppression, adenocarcinoma, early onset sex, multiple partners, early age pregnancy, first stage: dysplasia- curable.
Cervical Cancer S/Sthin vaginal discharge, abnormal menstruation (excess bleed), decreased appetite, fever, weight loss, back/pelvic pain
Cervical Cancer TreatmentExternal Radiation (5x per week), emotional damage, Internal beam radiation, Chemotherapy- high doses, hospitalization, IV to oral (6-8 weeks), Biological therapy- repair/stimulate immune (Interferon), side effects- flu symptoms, rash, anorexia, bruising b/c low platelets (GO TO DOC)
Cervical Cancer Preventioneducation and screening: S/S, HPV link, strategies to prevent risk