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Who was the emperor of molly ?Mansa Musa
What was so rare in the town ?Gum
What were people called when they travel ?Nomads
Whats a good trade in TimbaTu ?Salt
Why was salt such a good of a trade ?It stored water for those hot and dry days
How long did it take to travel to TimbaTu ?5 days
What was a way that people stole gold dust ?They hid some under their finger nails
What did people use to scoop gold dust ?With a spoon
Why didn't they use forks ?Extra gold dust would fall down
What was infested in the Niger River ?Crocodiles
What was a way they got over the Niger River ?Through a float or a boat
What was a way that TimbaTu tortured ?30 second head start
How was the silent trade used ?Drop a bag of gold and play a specific note then take a salt and wait for the trader to come
What was the authors name that wrote book at the time ?Batufa
Why was he known globaly ?He traveled 75 thousand miles on foot
Molly was a place to do what ?Trade
What did they have to pay after a trade ?A tax
What did women have that men couldn't ?More rights
What did women own that men didn't ?Trading Spots or business