Steve Garcia17 - Ancient Africa

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Question Answer
What is an extendend family?where all your family for kids to old.
What is animism?Animal spirits raising and protecting the village
How did irom change farming?There tools were stronger and useful.
What animal made it throught the Sahara easier?A camel
What is a long river in Africa?The Niger River
Did they trade in West Africa?Yes
What is one way kings made money dor the empire?Taxes
What are the two most valued in Africa?Gold and Salt
What did they love for beauty?Gold
What could salt be used for?to preserve food
What did they need to put on their diets?Salt
How did Ghanas rulers get rich?By selling gold and salt
What is a silent barter?process salt traders went into riverbank near gold fields
Who is Tunka Manin?Ruler when Mali reached its peak.
Where did Mali grow into.?A prosperous kingdom.
Who is Sundiata?Ruler who rose Mali's power
Who is Mansa Musa?Mali's most famous ruler was a Muzlim king.
What is Sunni Ala?Ruler of Songhai in 1464
Who overthrough Sunni Baru?Askia the Great overthrough Sunni Baru.
Who wrote about Africa?Al-Bakri