Steve Garcia Mideval Japan Vocabulary

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Question Answer
What is a clan?Extended families.
What is a Shinito?Traditional religion of Japan.
Who was prince shotoku ?He was one of the people most influential bringing Chinese ideas to Japan.
What is a regent?A person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule.
What is a court?Group of nobles who lives near and serve or advise a ruler.
Who was the Lady Muraski Shikibu?Greatest writers in early Japanese history.
What is zen?Popular new form of budaism
What is unprecedented Having no equal
What is equestrian Related to horses
What is musteredGathered together
What are brocades Rich cloths with designs woven into them
What are comorantsLarge diving birds
What is inferiorityLower rank
What is daimyoJapan's large landowners
What are samurai Trained professional warriors
What is a figureheadA person who appears to rule even though the power rests with someone else.
What is a shogunGeneral who ruled Japan in the emperors name.
What is a BushidoThe samurai code of rules
What are valuesLoyalty and honor
What is structure
What is Japan geography?

Why did dynamos started recruiting samurai?
What were samurai?
How did emperors rise up to power?
How did shoguns use emperors as figure heads?
What clan defeated other clans?
What order did samurai always follow?
The way something is set up or organized
It is filled with mountains and 20% are flat lands.
They thought the emperor wouldn't take care of them.
They were professional people with the ability to use a sword.
They built up army's and conquered their neighbors.
They use them when the emperor was busy.
The Matamore.
They always followed the code of Bushido.

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