Steve Garcia - Medieval Europe 7th Grade Kelly Elementary

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Question Answer
What were knights?Knights were professional warriors
What were Manors?Rich person that has several farms and at least one village.
What were surfers?They were peasants treated like slaves.
What were lords?Large landowners
How was Europe and Japan alike?They had leaders and warriors.
Was Europe a safe place to live?No it was a dangerous place.
Where were most castles built?On top of hills to see enemies below.
What was the murder hole?Located near doors where they drop boiling liquid.
What was the the hole surrounding the castle filled with? Water and sometimes carnivore animals.
Why did Christians and Muslims fight each other for? The Holy Land
What were the Christians names during this war? The Crusades
Why was Jewrlism important?It was where Jesus lived and died
Who won the war?The Muslims
How many crusades were there?3
What were monks?people who prayed to god
Why did surfers turn into monks?they didn't have to do hard labor
What was the lowest class in Europe?The surfers and craftsmen
List the greatest to least in power.King;Lords;Knights;Surfers;Craftsmen
Who was in control of the castle?The king
Where was the biggest room in the castle?The Great Hall
When was the royal dinner at?10 am