Sterile products terms.

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AdditiveAny drug or component added to an IV solution
AdmixtureAn IV solution with at least one medication added to it
AerosolizationThe spray of small liquid or powder particals in the air; usually occures when withdrawing a needle from a vial or when removing air from a syringe
AmpuleSealed glass containor containing sterile injectable meds
BacteriocidalAn agent capable of killing bacteria
BacteriostaticAn agent capable of INHIBITING the growth of bacteria
BolusAn initial dose of medication or solution; usually a dose higher than the maintenace dose; also called loading dose
Central lineAn iv acess site into one of the major blood vessels; this is the iv line through which hypertonic fluids may be given
CoringImproper needle stick
Critical siteAn opening or pathway that is at risk for contact with air or touch contamination
ExtravasationA caustic or hazardous iv solution thathas been inadvertently infused into the tissue surrounding the injection site
InfiltrationAn iv solution that is inadvertently infused into the tissue surrounding the injection site
InfusionThe slow administeration of meds or solution via a parenteral route off addministration
Intermittent infusionAn iffusion given over specific and shorter periods of time
Loading doseAn initial dose of a drug that is used to avhieve a desired drug level

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ParenteralAddministration that bypassess the gastrointestinal tract
ParticulateForeign objects or matter
Pathogen Disease causing organisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses
Peripheral lineAn iv acess sitevmade through veins located in arms, legs, hands, feet
PyrogenFever producing organism

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