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severe c diffabc > 15000, creatinine > 1.5 times, fever
neonatal conjunctivitis at 10 to 14 days ...chalmydia
neonatal staccato cough at 4 to 12 weeks, hyperinflationchlamydia pneumonia
treatment of both chlamydia pnuemonia and chlamydia conjunctivitispo erythromycin 14 days.
how to distinguish RSV bronchiolitis from chlamydia pnuemoniaRSVpresence of fever , chlamydiapresence of rales ( not wheezing)
who should be treated for rapid flu ( influenza A) inspire of being more than 48 daysage >65, pregnant and 2 weeks PP, immunocompromised, chronic renal, pulmonary of cardiac problems, nursing home residents, morbid obesity, native Americans.
faceto trunk maculopapular rash + soft palate spots + mild fever + lymphadenopathyGerman measles = rubella
measles rash also cephelocaudal, how diff?its more darker, brick red compare to measles
viral load response to HAART , normal<5000 - 4 to 8 weeks, <500 - 8 to 16 weeks , , 50 by 16 to 24 weeks
meningococcal prophylaxis regimenrifampin 600 mg BID for two days, on dose of cipro 500 mg or ceftrixone 250 mg single dose

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patients with negative lad testing for C diff both EIA and PCR but still high suspicion for c diff colitislimited sigmoidoscopy to look for pseudomembranous colitis
most common ax for c diffclindamycin , fluroquinolones
rx of confirmed chlamydiaazithromycin
rx of confirmed gonnorhea azithromycin and ceftrixone
chalmydia treatment in pregnancy impplease do follow up test in 3 to 4 weeks to ensure cure to avoid preterm labor, PROM, pp endometritis and neonatal PNA and neonatal conjunctivitis

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