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how to distinguish RAIU between different causes of hyperthyrodisimPeripartum thyroiditis and silent thyroiditis will have low RAIU, v/s grave's will have increased RAIU
thyroid peroxidase antibody positive in?hashimoto, silent and peripartum thyroditis.
biochemical diagnosis of pheochromocytoma24 hour urine metanephrine levels.
once 24 urine metapnehprine shows increased levels, what next in work up of pheo?CT/MRI
for pheo >> first 24 hour urime metanehprine >> then CT/ MRI , then?depends whether CT is negative or positive
for pheo after 24 hrs metanehprine elevatino if Ct negMIBG scan , octreotide scan, whole body scan, PET scan
for pheo after 24 hrs metanehprine elevatino if Ct possurgical evaluation,genetic testing, alpha and b blockade,MIBG scan > 5cm and suspicion of extradrenal invovlement
hypertensvie crisis after removal of pheoiv nitropruside , phentolomine or nicardipine
hypotension after removal of pheoNormal Saline Bolus, pressors inf unresponsive
hypoglycemia after removal of pheoiv dextrose
cardiac tachyarrhythmia's after removal of pheo - complicationiv lidocaine or esmolol

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papillary thyroid cancer mx once found it1. do USG neck and cervical nodes. 2. < 1cm, thyrodi lobectomy 3. >=1 cm or tumor outsdie the thyroid, distannt metastasis -total thyrodiemcotmy.
if you diagnose lithium induced hypothyoridismct lithium and add levothyoroxine
HRT Increases he risk of?breast cancer, VTE, CAD, stroke. GB disease
long term mx of patient with chronic hyperparathyroidism with low serum calcium and high urien caclium insptie of calcium and Vit D supplementthiazide