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How to manage suspected ectopic pregnancy?if not hemo stable do immediate surgery, if hemo stable do transvaginal US, if ectorpic treat according, if inuterus leave it, if unclear do BHCG if <1500 repeat Bhcg and us in 2 days if >1500 repeat Bhcg in 2 days.
What is c/p of ectopic pregnancy ?positive pregnancy test, pelvic pain, amenorrhea, and spotting. bleeding usually in first trimester.
how much does Bhcg increase during first trimester of pregnancy?35% every 2 days during first trimester
What is the triad of disseminated gonococcal infection ?1-Dermatitis (2-10 painless pustules on the distal extremities), 2- tenosynovitis ( swelling and pain with passive extension of multiple tendons),3- polyarthalgia (asymmetric small and large joint arthralgias). Fever and maise are also common.
How you manage disseminated gonococcal infection?Blood cultures, synovial fluid sampling. Most patient are diagnosed presumptively when nucleic acid amplification testing of urolgenital tract is positive. also one should test for other STD.
how to treat sexual partner of neisseria gonorrhoeae pts?test them even if no symptoms. treat with IM ceftriaxone single does and azithromycin single does is added regardless of of chlamydial status.
how to treat chlamydia if the patient is allergic to azithromycin ?7 days of doxy
how to treat phycosis pt who is not taking his medication?by using long-acting injectable antipsychotics. As first generation (haloperidol and fluphenazine) and many of the second generation.
multifocal atrial tachycardia causes, c/p and ttt?COPD, electrolyte disturbance and catecholamine surge(sepsis). C/P asymptomatic, paoid, irregular pulse, EKG >3 P wavs & atrial rate >100. ttt is correct underlying causes and AV nodal blockade(verpamil or BB) if persistent.
When and how pyloric stenosis present age 3-6 weeks, first born, preterm and bottle-fed infancts. present as nonbloody, nonbilious, projectile vomiting occurs immediately after feeding. dry skin and weight loss.
What is the PE finding in pyloric stenosis baby?perstaltic waves traveling from left to right in the upper abdomen after feeding.