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wt is cause bicuspid aortic valveautosomal dominant with incomlete penetrance or can be sporadic
wt is the prevelance of bicupid aortic valve1% of population, more in male, 30% of pt with turner syndrom.
wt are the complications of bicuspid aortic valveinfective endocarditis, refurgitation/stenosis, aortic root or ascending aortic dilation, dissection.
what is the management of bicuspid aortic valvefollow up echo every 1-2 year, and screening for first relavtive, balloon valvuoplasty or surgery(valve or ascending aorta replacement)
What are the congenital conditions associated with bicuspid aortic valvecoarctation of aorta, sinus of valsalva, or ascendidng aortic aneurysm, supra or subvalvular stenosis, and ventricular septal defect. coronary artery anomaliers including orgin anomalous of the arteries as common however routine screening is not recommended.
wt is the indication of balloon valvuloplasty in bicuspid aortic valvesymptpmatic or asymptomatic (if want to become pregnant of participate in competitive sports) when the following criteria are met: aortic stenosis, no regurgitation or calcification, and peak gradient of >50 mm hg