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Can HIV positive child attend school?yes, family doesn't need to tell the school
What is tabes dorsalis ?It is late Neurosyphilis. It involves the posterior spinal columns and nerve roots.This will result in impaired vibration/proprioception, sensory ataxia, and instability during the ronberg test.
What is the clinical findings in tabes dorsalis?sensory ataxia, lancinating pains, neurogenic urinary incontinence, argyll robertson pupils.
What is the pathogenesis of tapes dorsalis?treponema pallidum spirochetes diretly damage the dorsal sensory roots.
Who is at high risk to develop tapes dorsalis?men who have sex with men & HIV positive pts. remember HIV positive develop neurosyphilis more rapidly.
What are the common findings in Autioimmune hepatitis?Elevated AST and ALT, normal or near normal ALP, and normal bilirubin.
What is the AB in auntoimmune hepatitis?ANA and anti-smooth muscle antibodies (against actin)
What are the autoimmune manifestations associated with autoimmune hepatitis?arthritis, erythema nodosum, thyroiditis, pleurisy, pericarditis, anemia and sicca syndrome.
what is the AB in primary biliary cirrhosis?antimitochondrial antibodies, elevated ALP rather than elvated aminotransferase
what is the use of gamma-glutamyl transferase(GGT)?to differentiate whether elevated alkaline phosphatase level is from liver or bone
when does alpha-1 antitrypsin manfistation appears?appears as progressive liver and emphysema in the first two decades of life
what is the gold standard for sclerosing cholangitis and what disease is strongly associated with it?ERCP has better resolution than MR cholangiopraphy and usually seen in pts with UC.
What is stent thrombosis and what cause ituncommon but potentially fatal complication of coronary artery stenting with most events occurring within 30 days of stent placement. The premature cessation of dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and platelet p2y receptor blocker(clopidogrel,prasugrel,ticafrelor is mos important risk factor of stent thrombosis.