Step 2 Surgery Appy Choles 12-10-2015

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Section 1

Question Answer
appy bloodappendiceal a - branch of ileocolic
mesoappendixcontains appy a
follow ___ down to appytaenia coli
appy etiolymphoid hyperp, fecalith
appy etio rareparasite, foreign body, tmx
appy sx 1 chronoperiumb pain (intermittent/crampy)
appy sx 2 chronoN/V
appy sx 3 chronoanorexia
appy sx 4 chronopain migrates to RLQ w in <24hr
RLQ painperitoneal irrit

Section 2

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obturator sign(perit irritation) int rot leg with hip and knee flexed
psoas signextend leg fully and flex hip (retrocecal appendicitis)
rosvingrebound pain to RLQ from LLQ
McBurney1/3 from ASIS to unmbilicus
appy ddxmeckel
appy ddxchrons
appy ddxperf ulcer
appy ddxmesenteric lympadenitis
appy ddxconstip
appy ddxintuss
appy ddxdiverticulitis
appy female ddxovarian cyst/torsion/abscess. PID, ectopic
why appy UA labpyelonephrtis or renal calculus, can have pus/rbc in urine due to appy pelvic inflam
CT appyperiappendicieal fat stranding and diam >6mm, periappendiceal fluid, fecalith
mcburney incisionskin subcut fate scarpa EO IO Tranversialis m then fascia preperitoneal fat peritoneum

Section 3

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watch for in cholescystectomyR hepatic artery, proximal to cystic artey
valves of GBspiral valves of hester
gb infundibulumnear dystic duct
alkaline phosfrom bile duct epitheliu,