Step 2 Surgery 2 12-7-15

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antiCentromereCREST syndrome
intraductal papillomabloody disch
superficial partial burnfluid blister + blanches upon palp + allodynia
deep partial burnextend into reticular dermis, wound is pink and mottled b/c dn blood flow
epidermal burnred painful no blister
fourth degree burnextend though skin
full thickness burnwhite or black, leathery, do no blanch, painless, up contractures, characteristic Eschar
middle meningeal ruptureepidural hematoma
heavy blow to temporal bonemiddle meningeal rupture
epidural hematoma"lucid interval" then HA, V, confusion, hemipariesis
epidural hematomabiconvex disk
intracerebral hemorrhagecommon in alzheimers, sudden focal neuro defict, HA/N/V up BP
non-contrast CTintracerebral hemmorhage
aphasiadn wernikes

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subarachnoid hemorrrupture of cerebral arterial aneurysm
non contrast CTsubarachnoid hemorrhage
rupture of bridging veinssubdural hematom
sub dural hematomaelderly + fall + lucidinterval
crescent shaped hemorrhagesubdural hematom
any acute head injuryget non-contrast head CT
100% carotid stenosiscant do surgery on it
carotid endarterectomyup recurrent laryngeal nerver damge
dn superior laryngeal nerveloss of high pitched tones
blind loop syndromebacterial overgrowth in small intestine causes B12, Vit A, Ca++ def
niacinB3 (pellagra)
pellagra3 D's (dermatitis diarrhea dementia)
sideroblastic anemiaalcoholism, copper deficiency
granules of iron accumulate surrounding nucleussideroblast

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B1wernicke enceph, korsakoff anterograde amnesia
Ca++perioral numbness
Vit Axeropthalmia, night blind, xerosis of conjunctiva (Bitot's spots), follicular hyperkeratosis
cholangitischarcots triad
charcots triadRUQ pain, jaundice, fever
bacterial infection caused by obstruction of common bile ductcholangitis
reynalds pentadchacot + mental status + shock
acute cholecystitisgallstone obstruct of cystic duct
HIDA scandx acutre cholecystitis, demonstrates cystic duct obstruction
sudden epigastric painpancreatitis
pancreatitisgallston, trauma, scorpion sting, N/V/F
pain control, hydration, NPO, ABXpancreatitis
pancreatitisx-ray show sentinal loop of dilated bowel near it

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peutz-jeghers findharmartomatous polyps, up intussusceptiom
intussusception presentCOLICKY abdominal pain, vomiting, currant stools,
most common cause of bowel obstruction in first 2 years of lifeintuss
intusslocated at ileocecal junction
peutz screenat age 50 every 1-2 yrs
vovlususdecompression with colonoscopy
esophageal motility study for achalaispressure increases as food gets toward gastroespoh junc
diffuse espohageal spasm"corkscrew" chest pain dysphagia
esophageal ringschatzki ring, mucosal thickening/stricture at squamocolumnar junc in lower esph, some dysphagia to solid foods
barium esophagramdx esophageal ring, EGD confirms dx
esph ring txdilation w bougie or balloon to fracture the ring
sclerodermaesph dysmotilitis, anti-scl-70 antibodies.
scleroderma variantCREST (anti-Centromere)

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once airway establishedtwo large bore IVs are placed or if time is essence a short 14 french catheter should be placed in the antecubital vein
smokeless tobaccoposterolateral tounge squamous cell carcinoma
basal cell carcinomaface/ sun-exposed
submucosalmaintains the tensile strength of the bowel