Step 2 Surgery 1 12-7-15

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Question Answer
ruptured appendixpre-op abx and 3-5 d post op abx
initial mx of suspected meniscal injuryx-ray to r/o frx
toxic megacolonsubtotal colectomy (remove what u have to) with end ileostomy
hartmanns procedureresection of rectosigmoid colon with closure of rectal stump to form a colostomy
firm fixed in breastcx
breast local edema, warmth, painabscess
hidradenitischronic inflam of nipple-areola
fibrocystic changespremenopausal, diffuse and tender, not a well defined mass
fibroadenomathink ages 20-50
well defined palp mass rubbery and mobilefibroadenoma
involute after menopause, grow dramatic in pregnancyfibroadenoma

Section 2

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palpate breast cx suspicionget mammography
lightning strikeget echocardiogram
elderly man + Fe def anemiathink colon cancer until proven otherwise
diverticulosispainless rectal bleeding
internal hemorrhoidsabove the pectinate line
ulcerative colitisabd pain, bloody rrhea, dn lb
arthitis, uveitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, erythema nodosumthink Ulcer Colitis
dx colon cancerget colonoscope
detects colon dx/ diverticulabarium enema, get every 5 years.
colon cx sc reenat 50 get colonoscopy every 10 subsequent years
injure bowel during surgeryrepair then (suture)
any chance of contamination in patientavoid mesh!

Section 3

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obturator herniapain of medial thigh upon internal rotaion and extension of ipsi hip
bulge beneath inguinal ligfemoral
howship romberg signobturator hernia sign
richters herniaantimesenteric border of intestine and stranglation without an obstruction
sciatic herniapass through sciatic foramen above or below piriformis
buttock mass, abdominal pain, sciaticalesser sciatic formen hernia
spigelian herniasemilunar line lateral to rectus