Step 2 Surgery 1 (11-30-15)

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Section 1

Question Answer
hiatal herniaup mallorywise tears
hemachromatosisesph varice 2* to liver failure
immunodefesph candiasis
esph candifluconazole 14-21d
hemorrhagic gastropathyNSAIDs and large amounts of ETOH
multifocal gastric mucosal hemorragehemorrhagic gastropathy
pain out of proportion to exammesenteric ischemia
mesenteric isch acute"intestinal angina" 50% afib emboli, 25% atheroscler thrombosis, 20% low CO * up splanchnic vascon
mesenteric isch chronicdue to athscler up sx in post-prandial states
mesenteric isch labsup wbc/lactate/amylase/LDH
mesenteric isch goldmesentic angioghraphy to r o arterial occlusion
mesenteric isch tx if due to acute arterial diseasepapaverine
mesenteric isch tx if due to embolic dzthrombolytics
mesenteric isch tx if due to venous thrombosishepain
mesenteric isch srxangioplasty,thrombectomy,laparotomy if infarct/peritonitis

Section 2

Question Answer
MRSA 1stVanco
MRSA 2nd lineLineozolid
severe pain on defecation and palp mass on anal vergeperianal abscess
perianal abscess txI and D, no ABX
anal fissuresevere pain defecate + bright red blood + sentenial pile
anal fissurethink posterior or anterior anal verge
anal fissurechrons
anal fissurestool softener, H2O, botox,
anal fissure sxlateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS)
GERD + hiatal herniaget Nissen Fundicoplication
gas bloat syndrome, difficulty vomitingcomplic of Nissen
vagus nwatch out in Nissen srx
billroth Ipylorus removed and proximal stomach anastomosed directly to duodenum
billroth II bile in vomitre-opened duodenal stump
billroth IIproximal stomach connected to jejunum
gastrojejunostomy= billroth II
billroth II indicPUD and gastric adenocx
gastroduodenostomy=billroth I
stump blow outcomplic of billroth II, jaundice, bile fluid emerging from drain site.
RVRafib with Rapid Ventricular Rate