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Question Answer
40q1 50q2the 2 mammography guidlines
cocaine and etohup painless hematemises due to hemorrhagic gastropathy
sepsis and hypovol and burncurling ulcer
immunocomp and dysphagicesph candidia dx with e scope and bx
bladder cxthink smoking
PUD mxUGI E scope and bx to r/o HP and cx
cocainehemorrhagic gastric erosion
GERDthink hiatal hernia
hiatal herniaup risk Mallory Weiss
hematochromatosis and wilsonscause liver failure
PUDthink dz that uses NSAIDS, HP ix, and hypersec states
esph candidiaup eshgitis, odynopahgia, tx fluconazor, EGD for refractory/recurrence
S Megoccurs in Liver failure
resusc trx painuse lactated ringer (isotonic so converts lactate to bicarb so dn acidosis)
hypertonic saline=>1% saline, use in severe hypoNA (<115) and has coma/sz
detrose IVavoid blus bc up hyperglc
trx pt w hypotn2 bolus LRinger -> 2 L crsytalooid -> colloid
hypotn + sepsisnorepi
vassopressordopamine is an A nd B ag and DA ag used to treat cadiogenic shock w brady
splenic dzget Vax of meningo (MCV4, pneumococcal, HIB)
inhibits glycine and GABAtetanospasmin
tetanus post expppx vax if out of date,
use tetanus Igcontaminated wound and no vax hx
Some Killers Have Nuclear Polonium CapsulesSalmonella S pnue HiB N menin
Overwhelming Post-splenec SepsisF lethary shock coma
ITP or TTPindic for splenectomy bc spleen stores pl8
TTP1st plasmaphersis 2nd splenec
ppx appendicitisCefotetan dn G- and anerobe or use Cefazolin and flagyl
inhibits DNA gyraseflox
inhibits ribsome complexaminoglycocyside
vancoinhibits cell well formation MRSA
has tensile strength of intestinal wallsubmucosa* include when repairing perfs
LESvagal mediated relaxation, watch during fudicoplication
short gastric amust be dissectied to mobilize stomach
lobular carcinoma insitunoninvasis and risk factor for invasive ductal carcinoma
BRCA +annual mammo and mRI, clincical breast exam every 6 mo starting age 25
hx of breast cxannual mammo and breast exam w in 10 years of breast cx dx of 1st degree relative