Step 2 Pediatrics 2 (9-29-15)

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Question Answer
MethadoneNeonatal abstinance synd onset at 1-4 weeks
Heroinonset 1-5 days of Neonatal Abstinence
Cocainepreterm, abruptio placentae, irritabilitiy
NicotineIUGR, dn CVasc, excitability, hypertonicity
mild persistenet asthmamore than 2x weekly, 3-4 nocturnal awakenings, minor daily interference
moderate persistent asthmadaily sx, nocturnal wake atleast 1x per wk
intermittent asthmasx less than 2x a week, use of SABA less than 2x wk
SABAShort Acting Beta Agonist
using a SABA for exercise induced asthma=dx of intermittent asthma(bronchoconstriction)
emergency ABCDEairway breathing circulation disability(lvl of cog impairment) Evidence of enviro exposure
Glasgowscore <8 = rapid intubation
asplenia *up risk encapsulated organisms
encapsulated bacteria and fungi ("SHiN Kills Some Patients with Capsules") Streptococcus pneumoniae Haemophilus influenzae type B (B polysaccharide) Neisseria meningitidis Klebsiella pneumoniae Salmonella typhi Pseudomonas aeruginosa Cryptococcus neoformans
burn victimpsuedo aeru
psuedo aeruhot tub, contact lenses
lancet shapedstrep pneu

Section 2

Question Answer
0 morooting
3 momoro disappears, hold head up
9mocrawl, stranger anxi
15 mobabinski gone, walks
3blocks1 year
6 blocks2 year
object permanence1 year
2 year200 words
2 word sentences2 year
9 blocks3 year
toilet training3 year
gender ident2 year
side by side parallell play2 year
tricycle3 year
draw circle3 year
3 year900 words
complete sentence3year
stickfigure4 year
hop 1 foot4 year
coop play4 year
imaginary friend4 year
cooperative play4 year
grooms self, brush teeth, buttons, zips4year
Identifys body parts4 year
Copies Square5 year
unbuttons clothes3 year
abstract thought5 year
dresses self5 year

Section 3

Question Answer
sensorimotor stage0-2 yo (5 sense, use tool, object permance)
preoperationalage 2-7
magical thinking (illogical)preoperational (couldn't properly function(operate) with these thoughts)
concrete operationalage 7-12
black and white logicconcrete operational stage (GF is like this too much.....)
age 7-12no longer egocentric
formal12+ abstract reason
Tanner 1child
Tanner 2adrenache,
adrenarchepubic hair
stage breast bud (not same as raised areola)Tanner2
Tanner 3pubic hair darkens
up penis lengthtanner 3
Tanner 4up penis width
raised areolatanner 4
tanner 5areola no longer raised

Section 4

Question Answer
double bubbleduodenal atresia
acute viral bronchiolitisdo not use corticosteroid ( do not help)
perimembranous VSDdecrescendo diastolic murmur
bicuspid aortic valveup risk aortic regurg later in life
Ebsteins Anomalylong leaflets drop in right ventricle (downward displaced), right ventricle is "atrialized" and R atrial enlargement
Most Common Congenital abnormality recognized at birthperimembranous VSD
redundant tricuspid valve leafletebsteins
elfin facieswilliams syndrom
coarctation (narrowing) of aortaturner
heart feature of william syndbicuspid aortic valve
complication of bicuspid aortic valveaortic root post stenotic dilatation and aortic valve endocarditis
between pulm artery and aortic archpatent ductus ateriosus (L to R shunt, machine like murmur)
doppler shows late retrograde flow of blood in pulm artery during systolepatent ductus arteriosus