Step 2 Pediatrics 2 (10-21-15)

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Section 1

Question Answer
DM neonatehypoglc, hypocalcemia
up indirect bili, (-) Coomb, up reticulo, (+) osmotic fragilityherediatary spherotosis
lines on nails, dermatitis, hyperpigarsenic chronic
arsenicN/V, garlic breath
dn BTK (tyr kin)dn B cell , all Ig (Bruton Agammaglobulinmeia)
up recurrent infections after 6 monthsbrutons agammaglobulinemia
ostium primumASD at level of tricuspod and mitral vlalve
ostium primum ASD=endocardial cushion defect (seen in the DOWNS)
enlarged foramen ovaleostium secundum
eisenmengerheart defect causing L to R shunt reversal into L to R = pulm hypertension
systolic BP in upper extemities is higher than lowercoarctation aorta
coarctation aorta sxasx HTN, dypsnea on exert, systemic hypoperfusion, 0 cyanosis
causes aorta dilation * up regurg, leg claudication/mottlineaorta coarctation

Section 2

Question Answer
globoid cellskrabbes (have globoid eyes)
metachromic leukodystrophyaryl (a rylainbow) sufataase
cherry red spotnieman, taysach
von gierkglucose-6-phosphatase
pompelysosomal alpha 1 4 glucosidase
McArddlesmuscle phospohrylase
glycogen accum inliver and Kidney
imaging lysosomalhepatic U/S
pyruvate kinase defdn ATP * up rigid dehydrated "thorny" RBCs
get into knee to chest positiontet spell of ToF
wound sepsisvibrio vulnifian (vibes well in vunerable spots
pelger huetbilobed PMN, short metacarpal, post-axial polydactyky
pelvic/femoral oseotomieDDH tx if >3 yo
hypospadiasup Chordee (ventral weiner curvature)
dollface, hypertriglycerideVon Gierke

Section 3

Question Answer
Guyon canal syndromebicyclist palsy
adrenergic excess txmust alpha block before B block
Cobb >75 degreeimpaired cardiac func
mild persistent asthmaalbuterol + inhaled steroid/salmeterol > monteleukast
infantile meningitisampicillin and gentamicin
CAHtx is prednisone
PCOScombined oral contraceptive
shigellosuskid + daycare + HA,SZ, blood mucus diarrhea
irritability cough emesis following mealsGERD
infant GERD txthicken formula
hiatal hernianissen funoplication
hodgkinpainless LAD, dn lb, F, Nightsweats
ann arbor staginghodgkin
numerous red papules over inguinal fold, labia, intergluteal folddiaper candiasis (beefy red)
bacterial diaper dermatitismupirocin
F LAD, palatial petechiae, >50% lymphocytesEBV
high False negmonospot test
radial head sublux txflex elbow 90 degree and supinate
small pustual with eosinophils and no bacteriaerythema toxiucum
macroceph + still bornteratoma

Section 4

Question Answer
seen in Coarc aortaPDA and bicuspid aortic valve
recurrent thromboembolic episodeshomocystinuria
neonate severe metabolic acidglutathione synthetase def
MC hodgkinnodular sclerosiing
lamina B mutationpelger huet
test cxfirm,painless, unil
seminomawell defined hypoechoicmass on U/S
yolk sacAFP >100
sertoli tmxpeutz jehger, gynecomastia
leydigup androgen and estrogen
stage 1 testi cxradical inguinal orchiectomy
stage 2 seminomableomycin,cisplatin,etoposide
lewy body dementiavisual halluc, mental flux

Section 5

Question Answer
osteomyelitislimp, red, low F
dx'd with MRIosteomyelitis
animal biteamoxicillin clav (pasturella multocida)
spinal bracing 20-40 scoli
lead dxfree rbc poryphyrin
lead bonedense metaphyseal line
lead oral muscoabluish
<6 mo and near winterget pneumococcal vaccine cant get influ
DTapcontra if hx of severe allergy or 7 days encephalopathic
Guanfacinelike clonidine (alpha 2 ag)
foreign bodyRIGID bronchoscopy
status epilepticus2 rounds IV benzo
sigmoid volvuluscoffee bean sign
intussceptionsausage mass
GASP A SNAKES Pyogenes, JONES Critera, chorea, migratory polyarth, erythema marginatum
Rheumatic Fpencillin, clindamycin, asa
GABHSGroup A, Beta-hemalytic Strep Pyogenes
purulent conjunct neonate0-5 day = gonococcal 5-15 day = chylmidia
pink eyeadenovirus
morton neuroma3rd/4th metatarsal "stepping on a pebble"
SIRStemp <36 or >38, RR >20, PaCO2 <32, HR>90, WBC <4000 or >12000

Section 6

Question Answer
sepsisSIRS + evidence of inf
scabies=sarcoptes, tx=permethrin
truncus arterioususmakes ascending aorta/pulm trunk and pulm/aorta valve
common cardiac veinSVC
persisent truncus arteriosusR->L shunt btw pulm trunk and aorta
patent foramen ovaledn atrophy of septum primum/secudum
hsv 1 encephalitis frontal and
lithium fetusheart, renal, thyroid

Section 7

Question Answer
DMARDELISA Please Go Give Her Mtx
PleasePencillamine (also tx wilsons)
GoGold Salt

Section 8

Question Answer
contra in af americansACEI/ARB up angioedema
bladder diverticulumvoiding cystourethrography
status epilepticus2x loraz/diaz -> fosphenytoin -> midazolam
neonate jitteringhypocalemia or hypoglycemia
cephalohematomadoes not cross suture
subgalealcross suture, can bleed out
gallezi signdislocated femoral head
lecthin:sphingomyelin>2 means mature lungs
transient tachypnea newbornfluid accumulation in lungs
neonatal diaphragmatic herniabowel sounds heard in lower anterior thorax
LTBmild=cool mist + fluid, moderate= o2,corticosteroids,racemic epi. Severe= hospitalixzation + epi
hypothyroidism cogenitaltrisomy 21
cretinismcogenital hypothyroidism
cogenital hypothyroidprolonged jaundic, hypotonia, large tounge, dn T4, up TSH

Section 9

Question Answer
AFPatauis high
Fragile XCGG
quad screenAFP, B-Hcg, Estriol, Inhibin A
acute leukemiafatigue, poor feed, anemia + HS-meg
low set earturner
cystic hygromaturner
raw meattoxop
toxopmicroceph, intracranial calcif (vs CMV which is periventricular calclif)
zileutondn leukotriene synthesis