Step 2 Pediatrics 2 (10-13-15)

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Question Answer
scabies oral abx"r"ivermectin
To DL SC TS. PW and T/FPrazanquitel treats
Diphy Latum (b12) Shistoma(mansoni=liver,subterminal spine,haembotium=bladder terminal spine,)Clonorchis(Snail) TaeSoli(Anaphylatic Liver Cyst). Paragonimus Westermanni(Japanese smoker(lung) who makes sushi(crab)) and Trematodes/FlukesPrazanquitel treats expanded
IgE mediatedAtopic dermatitis, food ALL, asthma, ALL rhinitis
atopic dermitis txtopical steroids
atopic dermatitis is SAME aseczema"flexema"
see eczema thinkatopic dermatitis (same)
seborrheic derm bugmalassezia
infant sebor dermcradle cap
cradle cap txresolve
sebor derm txselinium sulfide, antifungal/steroid cream
poison ivy AKAToxicodendron radicans
vesicles in linear patternpoison ivy
flexor surface wristscabies
scabiesmale genitalia

Section 2

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Cutaneous larva migranstropical soil, serpinginous pruritic lesion "larval migration" on feet
ancylostoma braziliensecutaneous larva migrans
cut larva migrans txresolve in 2-8wk
allergic contact dermtopical steroid
impetigo bugStaph Aure Strep Pyro
impetigodicloxicillin (b/c penicillin resistant bugs)
tinea pedis____ rubrum
tinea rubrum dxKOH
tinea pedistopical fungal BID 30 day
tinea pedis refractorygrisefulvin
cutaneous larva migrans 3rd linethiabendazole
cut larva migrans 2nd linealbend,"r"ivermectin
broad spectrum anti-psuedocipro + augmentin
augmentin =!!!amoxcillin + clavulante

Section 3

Question Answer
eviscerated mass lateral to umbilicusgastroshisis
tri 21duodenal atresia
abd radio duod atresiadouble bubble
duod atresia gestationdn canalization of duod lumen at 8/10 weeks
up duod atresia *polyhydraminos (cant eat enough)
MC type of tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF)esopahgeal atresia with distal TEF
Meckles 2's2%population,2feetileocecalvalve,2%symptomatic, 2 types ectopic tissue(gastric/panc), 2 year old presentation, M:F 2:1
meckles divert ectopic tissuestomach, pancreas
Omaphocele AFP and -hydraminos=screen and poly-
10% of ompahocelesdx Beckwidth-Wiedeman
Beck-Wide panchyperinsu * dn Glc
covered in green gelatin matrixgastroschisis

Section 4

Question Answer
omaphocele + exopthalmols thinkbeckwidth wideman
meckels divert classicpainless melena followed by obstruction from volvulus/intussceception
A 2-day-old neonatal male is noted to have excessive oral secretions and is unable to feed properly, which leads to gagging and respiratory distress.tracheoesph fistual
A mother brings her 18-month-old son to be evaluated for dark stools. She reports normal bowel movements until 3 days ago and since then it has gotten progressively darker. Initially, he was asymptomatic, but a couple hours prior to presentation he developed abdominal distension and severe discomfort. She notes he has not had a bowel movement today. Plain films of the abdomen reveal intestinal obstruction due to a volvulus proximal to the ileocecal valve.meckels diverticulum

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