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Section 1

Question Answer
bugs of O mediaS Pneu HiB Moraxella RSV
bugs of URIS Pneu HiB Moraxella
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) geneX-link recessive
DMD onset yr3-5
DMD signGower
Gower Signuse arms to climb up legs to arise from sitting
DMD bodyhyperlordosis, calve psuedohypertrophy
DMD death3rd decade resp failure/ cardiomyopathy
Becker Musc Dyst (BMD) vs DMDBMD still produces some dystrophin
BMD onset yr8-25
Charcot Marie Toothwk and wasting distal limb muscle
Charcot Marie Tooth feetPes Cavus
Limb Girdle dystrophy geneAR
Limb Girdle dystophy sxproximal limb wk, wheelchair by adult
Myotonic DystrophyAD
Myotonic Dyst genetriple repeat for mytonin protein kinase
Myotonis Dyst Birthsevere generalized hypotonia
Myotonic Dyst facehollow temple/jaw/neck, facial week, drooping lower lip
Tri 21 heart endocardiumcushion defect
Tetrology of Fallot (ToF) moapulmonic stenosis results in failed septal fusion causing a overidding aorta causes RVH
overriding aortaVSD causes RV to pump into aorta somewhat ("overrides" pulmonary system)
Coarctation of aorta findinghigher BP in upper extremities vs lower
L heart in Tri 21MVProlapse
see word prolapse thinkclick
Tanner 2 femalebreast bud, wispy long labia hair
Tanner 3 fecoarser pubic, no septation of breast areola contour
Tanner 4 fe2 mounds
Tanner 5 fepubic hair to medial thighs
fifth diseaserash on cheeks to trunk/extremity lacy reticular maculopapular rash
Ehrlichiosis etiotick
EhrlichoiosisG - obligate intracellular
Ehrlichosis sxrigor, nausea then high F, myalgia, headache
Roseolaopening rose rash spread pattern
Roseola bugHHV-6 > HHV-7
Rubellared tender macpap rash on face to extremities
Posterior auricular lymph node precede?Rash of Rubella
IgA AI sm vessel vasulitisHenoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP)
HSP moaIgA deposition in small vessels
HSP classicblanching Palp purpura butt -> migratory polyarth knees, melana, hematuria
necrotizing leukclastic small vessel granulomatous vasculitisChaurg Strauss
Chaurg StraussP-ANCA + eosinophilia
Kawasaki TxIVIG and Asa
desquam of palm/sole + <5 yokawasaki
kawasakicoronary aneurysm
angioma meninges/faceSturge-Weber
Sturge weberPort Wine, AVM, glaucoma
Wegener Granulomatosisnecrotizing granuloma of lung and kidney
Perforation of nasal septum thinkWegener
triad of HSPpalp purpura, arthalgias, abd pain

Section 2

Question Answer
positive blast signhirschsprung
downs duodenumatresia
intussceception locationileocecal junc
currant jelly stoolintussceception
intuss palpsausage shaped abd mass
pyloric sten labdn cl- up PH
sigmoid volvuluselderly
hyaline membrane dz=respiratory distress syndrome
when is surfactant enough36 wk
respiratory distress labmixed resp and metab acid
upper pole testispermatocele non tender
pyuria *screen for chlymidia/gonn
between parietal and visceral layers of tunica vaginalishydrocele
baby boy soft, nontender, flucuating scrotal masshydrocele
hydrocele dx confirmtransillumination of scrotum
abnormal dilation of pampiniform plexusvaricocele
varicocelebag o worms
vestigal embryonic remnant of paramesonephric ductal system stalk likeappendix testis
male 6 mo with recurrent encapsulated sinopulmary infbruttons agammaglobulinemia
brutton findinglow IgA and prolonged Giardia diarrhea
C1 esterase=hereditary angioedema
def C5-C9recurrent meningococcal and gonococcal
impaired phagocytic oxidative function thinkchronic granulomatous disease
CGD cant killcatalase positive orgs (staph aureus ans aspergillus)
Thymic aplasia thinkDigeorge 21q11
digeorge tetany 2ndary to hypocalcemia
kid + HIV - and Pneu. Jirovecic negative thinkDigeorge
what happens immunologically around 6 monthsmoms IgG dies off * onset manifest of Bruton
encapsulatedstrep pneu
clear pinpoint vesicle newbornmiliaria crystallina
red mac/pap -> pustule spares palm/sole and numerous eosinophilErythema Toxicum
neonatal acnecephalic pustulosis
pusutal has up PMNtransient pustular melanosis
HSN to bedsheets in newborn * up eryth pustuleseyrthema toxicum and up eosinophilia