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Question Answer
G6PD def heritabilityx-linked
G6PD moadn G6PD * dn Glutathione * up ROS * up heinz bodies / bite cells / hemolysis / S-meg / up bili / up gallstones / up jaundice / up dark urine
Heinz bodiesseen in G6PD def
how are Heinz bodys formeddn G6PD * dn Glutathione *up ROS * Hgb oxidation * up methemeglobin * up clumping
IvermectinStrongyolodies, Onchocera Sinesis
PrazaquintelTrematode/Fluke (Shchistoma, Clonorchis, Paragonimus Westermanii, Taenia Solium, Diphyllolathrum Bothrum)
dn B12diphyllobothrum latum
Pyrimethamineanti-folate, toxoplasmosis, plasmodium falciparum
Sulfadiazine is used in combo withpyrimethamine
Tinea CapitisTrichophyton Tonsurans
Late Tinea CapitisKerion
Grisefulvintreats tinea capitis
malasseziatinea versicolor
cradle capseborheic dermatitis
seborrheic dermatitisyellow scaly greasy
Esoph Coincoin face on AP/PA (esph shape is flat and wide lateral, flat A/P)
Trachea Coincoin face of Lateral view ( trachea has C shaped rings)
Serum-sickness like rxnType III HSN
Serum Sick meds-cillin, Cefaclor, TMP-SMX
Onset of Serum sickness following taking meds6-10 days
GASpGp A Strep A=amox p= penecillin
follows URI presents with rash/F/ polyarthalgia / carditisRheum F
Rash of Rheum FErythema marginatum (serpinginous)
Syndenhams ChoreaMajor Factor in Jones Criteia
JONES criteriarheum F dx (1 major + 2 minor or 2 major)
GASp A SNAKEGA(amox)Sp(penecillin) GASp= Gp A Strep A S(Syndenhams chorea)N (Nodules) A(Arthralgia)KE(Erythema Marginatum) for Rheumatic Fever
sand paper rashscarlet fever
scarlet feverstrawberry/beefy red tongue, "sun burn with goosebumps"
Car Seat 0-1yrrear face carseat
Car Seat 1-3 yrforward facing carseat
Car Seat 3-7 yebooster seat
Car Seat <12 yrSit in back seat (Lap Belt)
HordeolumStye (red bump on eyelid, S. Aureus, Hot compress)

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Question Answer
A 2-year-old female presents in respiratory distress. Physical examination reveals significant retractions, bilateral wheezing, macroglossia, and urticaria.anaphylaxis
An 18-month-old male has an sudden episode of coughing and respiratory distress while playing at daycare. On arrival to the emergency room he exhibits perioral cyanosis, severe cough, and right-sided wheezing.foreign body
A 3-year-old male presents with a three day history of fever, fussiness, stiff neck, and decreased oral intake. History reveals that one week ago the child had an upper respiratory infection. A throat gram stain reveals gram positive organisms. Radiography of the lateral neck confirms the diagnosis.retropharyngeal abscess
A 4-year-old male presents with fever and respiratory distress. Physical examination reveals a toxic appearing child who is drooling, sitting upright, and holding his neck in a hyperextended position. The patient rapidly develops stridor and cyanosis.acute epiglottitis
epiglottitis bugHaemophilus influenzae type B if unvax, strep pyrogenes if vax
sniffing doghyperextended, drooling seen in epiglottitis
A 3-year-old male presents to the emergency department in March after an episode of respiratory distress at home. His parents report he has had rhinorrhea, a mild cough, and a low grade fever for the last two days. Then suddenly, while sleeping, he developed a barky cough with an associated loud noise while breathing inward. This resolved on the way to the hospital and the child is well appearing now.croup
Bronchiolitisfollows mild uri,
Triamninicchlorpheniramine / phenylpropylamine (anti-hist / anti-sinus)
viral uri -> sudden paroxysmal cough whooppertussis
immigrated thinkunvax
pERTussis tx14 days ERThyromycin/AZT for patient and close contacts
choanal atresia (3 hour old)noisy(nosy) breathing at rest, turns cyanotic = obliteration of posterior nasal aperture
choana definitionback of one side of nose to the throat
craniosynstosispremature suture fusion, weird head, up ICP,
tracheomalaciatrachea collapse during breathing
cephalohematomaup jaundice, caused by forceps
caput succedaneumalien head following delivery, normal
Subgaleal hemorrhage or hematoma is bleeding in the potential space between the skull periosteum and the scalp galea aponeurosis.The majority (90%) result from applying a vacuum to the head at delivery
Cefotaximetx salmonella
reptile thinksalmonella
impaired GnRH synthesisKallman
Kallman geneAuto Dom, X-linked
Kallman signlack 2ndary sex chars, deaf, anosmia, colorblind, cleft palate, shortened 4th metacarpal
situs invertisKartagener (Auto-Re) defective cilia

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Question Answer
9 mo"mama/dada", crawl, pull to stand
12 mosay 1 word, follow one step command, "peek-a-boo", wave "bye-bye", stand unassisted
15 mo3-5 words, greet ppl. turn pages on book, drink from cup
18 mo10-25 words, pretend play, laugh, walk up steps, stack 2-3 blocks, use spoon wo spilling
24mo50 word +, two-word phrases, follow 2 step commands, parallel play(plays alongside other children), stack 5-6 block, "I/me" throw ball overhand
male tanner 4 vs 54: pubic hair spares medial thigh
male tanner 3 vs 43: lengthen penis 4: larger scrotum/teste
Wilms tmxunilateral, kidney, hematuria
Wilm tmx assocbeck-widthwideman,NF,WAGR
WAGRWAGR complex Wilms' tumor Aniridia GU congenital malformations Retardation (mental/motor)
Beckwith WidemanWilms' tumor hemihypertrophy of body enlarged organs
Wilm tmx Genedn tsg WT1 on Chr 11