Step 2 Pediatrics 1 (10-13-15)

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Section 1

Question Answer
when to switch from ACEi to ARBangioedema (periorbital puffiness)
DM #1 for HTNACEi
exercise asthmaSABA ppx
2nd line exercise asthmamast cell stabilizer (cromolyn sodium)
OMM of asthmarib raise (increases rib excursion)
rib raiseviral pneumonia
rib raise MOAnormalize SNS tone (dn thoracic chain ganglia)
sympthetic inhibition of lung causesthinning mucous secretion
t1-4head and neck
heart omm =t5
neck omm=t4
t10-11small intestine, right colon
lower uretert12-L1
uterus,prostate, L colont12-L2
pancreas (right)t7
gallbladder (right)t5
Gallbladder duct (right)t6
T7 (left)spleen
T7spleen L, pancreas R

Section 2

Question Answer
Henoch-Schonlein Purpura(HSP) extermitiesarthritis, purpuric rash
HSP GIpain, guaic positive, V
HSP GUnormal
HSP txsupportive, hydration > steroids
HSP if small vessel IgA depositpurpura, arthralgia
HSPnephritic syndrome (hematuria,proteinuria)
HSP why abd painmesenteric ishcemia
plasmapheresisremove affected plasma, replace with good plasma
plasmapheresis indicTTP and severe ITP with active bleeding and platelet<20k
ITP=idiopathic thrombocyotpenic purpura
ITP txsteroids
steroidsCAH treatment (up NFB)
addisons diseasehypocortisol,hypoadrenal
addisons txsteroids, fludrocortisone
fludrocortisonereplacement for missing aldosterone
addison classichyperpig creses, buccal mucousa, NVD
why addision hyperpigdn adrenal * up ACTH * up concurrent Melanocyte stimulating hormone

Section 3

Question Answer
lift head2 mo
roll over4 mo
coo2 mo
used for AutoimmuneMTX
MTX findingliver damage
azithroPRINEpurine analogue (AI, CX)
moro reflexbrith until 3 mo
grasp object4 mo
sit upright6 mo
social smile2 mo
laugh4 mo
crawls9 mo
mama-dada9 mo
pincer grasp9 mo
rake grasp6 mo
stands12 mo
walks15 mo
uses cup15 mo
turn pages of book15 mo
run24 mo
2 word sentenceq24 mo
3 word sentence36 mo
eats with utensils36 mo
knows first and last name36 mo

Section 4

Question Answer
cyclic vomittting syndrome4-7yo, amyltriptylline
no opening between RA and RVtricuspid atresia
fixed split 2LV pumps to RA and aorta
L to R shuntingacyanotic heart disease
R to L shuntingcyanotic heart dz
trisomy 21atrioventricular septal defect
endocardial cushiontrisomy 21
dilated aortic rootmarfarn (up aortic regurg)
maternal diabetesup ToGV
ToGV dxechocardiography
MC CYANOTIC** congenital heart lesion in newbornToGV (R->L shunt)
Lithium causestricuspid atresia
ebstein anomalylithium
ebsteindownward displacement of tricuspid valve
tricuspid atresia dxechocardiography
Most Common ACYANOTIC** cogenital heart lesionVSD (L->R shunt)
uncontrolled diabetesup ToGV

Section 5

Question Answer
no opening between RA and RV thinklithium use
lithium useEbstein
tet spell ToF
avoid vax in HIV CD4oral polio or all contra if <200
egg allergyvax of influenza and yellow F contra
dn sx of ToFsquatting during "spell"
squat on vasctx hypoxemia b/c up SVR * up blood flow to lung

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