Step 2 pediatrics 1 (10-12-15) and vax timeline

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Question Answer
acute contact dermprur,red, within a few days of exposure
contact derm txtopical corticosteroids
cellulitisdiffuse inflam of subcut and loose connective tissue due to bact.
cellulitis txabx per bug
contusioninjury->hemorrhage beneath unbroken skin
insect bitesx immediate, red tender
tachypnea, multiple URI, wheezingasthma
asthma featuresbronchial hyperreactivity, airway inflamm, smooth muscle hypertrophy, mucous plugging
sickle cell diseaseget encapsulated vax (strep pneu, N meningiditis)
Some Killers Have Nuclear Polonium Capsulesencapsulated mnemonic
hgb less than defines anemia7
alpha thallesemiaafrican american (deletion of alpha chain)
alpha thall 1 lociasx carrier
alpha thall 2 locimicrocytic anemia
alpha thall 4 locihydrops fetalis
sideroblastic anemiaabnormality in iron metabolism
sideroblastic anemia etiolead, isonazid, etoh, chloramphenicol, collagen vasc disea, neoplasm
sidero anemia smearringed sideroblast

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chloramphenicol (CMP) moabinds 50S
CMP immunebone marrow suppression (aplastic anemia)
CMP neat usecrosses BBB/placenta
CMP indicmeningitis is intolerant for B-lactams: cillin,ceph
CMP bugsmeningococcal, pneumococcal, HiB meningitis
CMP and babygraybaby syndrome (dn metabo)
gray baby syndrom fidningV,gray,limp,dn BP, cyan, hypothermis
CMP pharminhib
CMP decreases metabolis, ofphenytoin, warfarin, sulfonurea

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Be DR HIP. HHave 2 Very Many Patients. hIM Did Very Hurt Many Teens.vax schedule
BeBirth= Hep B
2,4,6 mo = DR HIPDtap, RV, Hib, Ipv, Pcv
12 mo = HHave 2 Very Many PatientsHib, HepA, Vzv, Mmr, Pcv
4-6 yr = hIM Did VeryIpv, Mmr, Dtap, Vzv
Teen= Hurt Many TeensHpv, Mcv, Tdap
DR HIP2,4,6 mo
HHave 2 Very Many Patients12 mo
12 moHib,Hep a, Vzv, Mmr, Pcv
hIM Did Very4,6 yr
4,6 yrIpv, Mmr, Dtap, Vzv
Hurt Many Teensteen
teensHpv,Mcv, Tdap
Mcvmeningococcal vax

Section 4

Question Answer
tri 21 GIduodenal atresia
tri 21 endocardiumcushion defect
tri 21 heartostrium primum, ASD, VSD
tri 21 cxup risk ALL and AML
older tri 21Alzheimers >40yo
tri 21 immunedn T-cell lung inf, thyroid AI
Tri 21 hCGhigh
tri 21 inhibin Aincreased
tri 21 AFPlow
edward estiol, hCGlow, Very lowe
Patau AFPhigh (AFPatau is high)
quad screenAFP , Estriol, hCG, Inhibin A

Section 5

Question Answer
Ewing Sarcoma11;22, onion skin
neuroblastoma"homer-wright" rosettes
Osteosarcomamesoderm, up osteogenisis imperfecta
Rhabdomyosarcomahead and neck
allergic rhinitisrhinorrhea, sneezing, lacrimation
bronchiectasisetio=bug, sx at rest up pleuritic chest plain, hemoptysis
bronchiectasis txphysiotherapy, long term abx

Section 6

Question Answer
begin potty training18-24 mo
toilet trained by36-48mo
sit without support9 mo
stand without support12 mo
separation anxiety12mo
hand preference18 mo
stack 3,6,9 block1,2,3 yo
2 word sentences24 mo
copy a cross4 yo
tell story4 yo
abstract word5 yo
copy a square5 yo

Section 7

Question Answer
marfanauto dom
marfan eyenear, dislocaaton
marfan teethcrowding
marfan aortaroot dilation(regurg)
marfan chesthump
akylosing spondylitisarth spine and sacroiliac
akylosisabnomal stiffening/immobility of joint due to bone fusion
spondylitisinflamm of joints of backbone
thromboangiitis obliteransaka Buerguer syndrome
Buerger Syndrome classicyoung male smoker with looks like hands and feet are frostbit
wiedemann syndromegenetic, CTissue, joint hypermobility
Becky is BigBeckwithwideman
BWiedemann featuresmacrosomia/glossia/viscera
BWiede abdomanompahocele
BWiede Pancbig panc "hyperinsulinemia"
BWiede assocWilms tmx, gonadoblastoma, neuroblastoma
Ehler Danos Type 1diagphramatic hernia
marfan heartMVP
Wideman Syndrome akaProteus syndrome (Not B-Wiedemann)
Proteusovergrowth,assym,gigantism bones,limb,skin
Proteus sideshowelephant man
Proteus skinvascmalform, raised rough skin, fat overgrowth

Section 8

Question Answer
BISHOPcervical position, consitency,effacement,dilation,station
old infant, CXR bilateral patchyMeconium aspiration
GBS (strep agalactiae)neonate onset within few days delivery
meconium aspiration causespersisent pulmonary hypertension
bowel perforation inuteromeconium peritonitis (up meconium ileus/hirschsrpung)
preterm birth risknecrotizing enterocolitis
position posterior0
position mid1
position ant2
medium consist1
eff 0-30%0
eff 30-50%1
eff 60-70%2
eff 80%+3
dil closed0
dil 1-2cm1
dil 3-4cm2
dil 5cm+3
station -30
station -21
station -12
station 02 or 3
station 23
station 13
Bishop add point forpre-eclamp, each previous vag delivery
Bishop subtract pt forpost-date preg, nulliparity, PPROM
PPROMpremature prerterm rupture of mem

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