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Section 1

Question Answer
ranson critpancreatitis mortality
non-gallstone at admission age>55
non-gallstone at admission WBC>16000
non-gallstone at admission glc>200
non-gallstone at admission AST>250
non-gallstone at admission LDH>350
non-gallstone within 48 hours calcium<8
non-gallstone within 48 hours hematocritfall > 10%
non-gallstone within 48 hours hypoexmia PaO2<60
non-gallstone within 48 hours negative base excess>4
non-gallstone within 48 hours fluid sequestration (L)>6
ARDSdiffuse alve damge
ARDS findinggeneralized opacitices in lungs, represents fluid accumulation
ARDS calcPaO2/FiO2 (201-300=mild, 101-200=moderate, <100=severe)
smokingcentrilobular emphysema
every hour delay of giving ABXincreases mort 10%
AZTdn lung inflam, abx and bronchodil
COPDneed 3 criteria
COPD cxrhyperinflation, flat diaphragm
COPD labFEV1/FVC < 0.7 (takes longer to exhale, slope is initially not as steep as should be
COPD findingevidence of chronic bronchistis (bronchial thickening

Section 2

Question Answer
PancreatitisETOH, Gallstone, Idiopathic
Panc Labup TG, up Ca,up Lipase, up Glc
Prednisoneincrease glc, change mood, up Lb, stretch marjs,
Prednisone withdarwlweakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, dn Lb, N/V/D
Panc VirusCoxsackie B, Mumps
Resp Failure findingPaO2>80 but PaCo2<45
Resp Failure type 1PaO2 <60 but normal Co2
Resp Failure type 2PaO2<60, PaCo2>50,
Resp order of exertion(mouth to lung) nasal falre->pursed lips->SCM-> intercostals-> paradoxical breathing