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henochline purpura is IgA mediated vasculitis
what medication should be withheld until renal function improves cuz it causes lactic acidosis in acute kidney injury and sepsis? Metformin
pt from russia with TB and cavitary lesion what acid base imbalance do u expect and why?normal anion gap metabolic acidosis cuz TB->adrenal insufficiency->addison->aldosterone diffecency->non anion gap hypeRkalemia HypOnatremic Metabolic acidosis
pt with aspirin toxicity acid base status is?mixed rest.alkalosis & anion-gap metabolic acidosis
adult onset distal muscular weakness & atrophy.dx?inclusion body myositis
in DM pt . whats the most sensitive screening test for nephropathy?random urine for micro albumin/creatinine ration.
SE of loop diuretics?hypokalemia,metabolic alkalosis,pre renal kidney injury.
in nephritic syndrome the cause of edema is primary glomerular damage
in cushing,what electrolytes abnormalities?low K & high Na
in ADPKD liver might be?enlarged due to cystic involvement
in pt with high dose acyclovir what causes acute kidney injury?crystalurea with renal tubular obstruction
needle-shaped crystals in UA is due to ?next step?uric acid stone. CT scan or renal US
thiazide SE?hypeRglycemia, high LDL & TG , hypeRurecimea

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antibiotics cause ARF?aminoglycosides eg:Amikacin
post op pt with oliguria 1st?2nd?1st: catheter 2nd: IV fluid
f pt with face sun burns,low platelet, low complement, GN.DX?SLE
Screening for bladder cancer is not necessary
when suspect UTI , dipstick will show +ve for both nitrites & esterase.
pt with COPD given furosemide . his increase.why?acute kidney injury from diuretic therapy.cuz diuretic->decreases CO->pre renal AKI.
what is contraindication of succenylecholine?what is risk factors?hypeRkalemia. risk factors for hyperkalemia:burn & crush.
membranoprolifratife GN type 2 is caused by:persistant activation of alternative complement pathway

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