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pt with AIDS+G6PD+oppurtonistic infection(PCP) ttt is ?Intra Venous Pentamidine
single most accurate test to dx TB is plural biopsy
role of steroids in TB is 1-decrease risk for constrictive pericarditis(in pericardial involvement) 2- decrease neurologic complications in TB meningitis.
a test to exclude TB thats equal in significance to PPD is?Interferon Gamma Release Assay ( IGRA )
how many times PPD test should be done? why?twice if the 1st PPD is -ve.if the 1st is +ve no need for the 2nd PPD
if PPD is +ve next you do?why?CXR to exclude Active disease
in pt with +ve PPD and -ve CXR. whats next?Isoniazid for 9 months (with vit B6 =pyridoxine).**9 is 6 upside down 6 sounds like X for pyridoXine**
health worker should do PPD every? why?every year. to screen for conversion. cuz risk of developing active TB is in the 1st 2 yrs of conversion.
if pt had BCG and has +ve PPD with isonizid for 9 months .even if pt had BCG
germ cell tumors(seminoma vs non seminoma)non seminoma has high AFP
small cell cancer vs sq vs adenocarcinoma1-small( SIADH, LAMBER-EATON, CUSHING) 2- Aden carcinoma(HOA) 3-Squamous(high calcium+cavitary lesion)

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