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the MCC in asymptomatic elevation of alkaline phosphatase in elderly is?Paget's disease
pure motor hemiparesis is caused byhypertensive vasculopathy
pathophysiology of pure motor hemiparesis?assoc with ?ch.HTN->arterioler sclerosis & occlusion of deep penetrating branches of major cerebral arteries->lacuner infarcts->of post limb of internal capsule->(pure motor hemiparesis)
pure motor hemiparesis isacute unilateral motor weakness without sensory deficits or high cortical dysfunction.
ttt of choice for nocardia?TMP/SMX
describe nocardia? what dose it cause?Gm+ve bacteria, partially acid fast,filamentous, aerobic. causes: pulmonary & disseminated disease(brain) in immunecomprimized pts.
in zollinger-ellison. cause of fat malabsorption is?pancreatic enzyme inactivation
pulslessness is not a feature of DVT
AIDS pt with PCP presentation, CD4<200,PaO2 60.ttt?TMP/SMX + steroids (cuz PaO2 <70)to reduce pulm. complications.
battery lodged in esophagus vs distal to the esophagus. management?esophagus:immediate endoscopic removal. vs distal to the esophagus:observe for stool examination and follow up X-rays