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female in LMP8 wks ago with sever vomiting+hypokalemia+ketons+wt loss.dx?next step?hyperemsis gravidarum. next step (pelvic ultrasongram). its also assoc with hypoglycemia.
neonate with cyanosis+LT axis deviation+decrease pull. marking on CXR=?Tricuspid atresia
what kind of axis deviation newborns normal born with ?why?RT . cuz PDA shift blood away from lungs which makes the RT vent larger in newborns.
5 days neonate with wt loss +pink stains or brick dust in diaper.normal. neonate lose up to 7%of birth wt in 1st 5 days.color=uric acid excretion is high at birth till adolescent.
plain water should never be given to infants<6mos why? : dilutes blood->hyponatremia & seizures.
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pt post splenectomy. vaccinations?(1-meningiococcal. 2-PCV13. 3-hemophilus influenza type B vaccine)in 2 weeks before scheduled splenectomy or 2 wks after splenectomy.
child ( fair skin & eyes, developmental delay, cerebral vascular accident)pathognomic for?Homocystineurea
homocystineurea mode of inheritance?caused by what?autosomal resissive.cystathionine synthase difficensy.
homocystinurea assoc with marfanoid habitus
meds given to pt with homocystineurea?antiplatlet & anticoagulant to prevent thromboembolic event+ vitamin supplementation(vit B6,folate.vit B12 to lower homocysteine levels.
how to dx homocysteineurea?elevated homocystine & methionine levels.
PKU VS homocystinurea? PKU (no hypercougulability) VS Homocyst.(there is hyercougulability)

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on PE: adenomyosis will show?bulky globular & tender uterus