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ttt of narcolepsymodafenil
what is pramipexole & its uses?its dopamine agonist. uses:parkinson disease & restless leg syndrome.
you should monitor what prior starting lithium?thyroid func., renal func. ,& calcium .
ttt of depressive episode of bipolar illness?2nd generation antipsychotics(quitapine, luridone) , anticonvulsant ( lamotrigine)
what should you avoid in pt with bipolar 1 disorder?antidepressant mono therapy.
pt with SLE on prednisone came with atrumatic hip pain with normal x-ray?dx?test of choice?osteonecrosis(vascular necrosis) of femoral head. MRI of the hip is the most sensitive test.
cauda equina syndrom vs connus medularis syndromecuda(hypOreflexia)*codoh yt7arak* connus(hypeRreflexia) con ice cream excited while eating it hypeR.
anatomically cud equine syndrome vs connus medulariscuda(part of prephral nervous system->only LMNL) VS connus(part of spinal cord->both UMNL &LMNL
pt with ischemic stroke:present within 3.5-4hrs of symptoms onset & no contraindications.ttt?IV alteplase
pt with ischemic stroke: no prior antiplatlate therapy.ttt?Aspirin
pt with ischemic stroke:on aspirin therapy.ttt?Aspirin+dipyridamole or clopidogrel
pt with ischemic stroke:on aspirin therapy & intracranial large artery atherosclerosis.ttt?aspirin+clopidogrel
pt with ischemic stroke:with AF.ttt?long term anticoagulation (warfarin, dabigatran,rivaroxaban)
70 yrs pt with sever valvular itching 6mos,PE:valvular skin thin dry step?valvular punch biopsy
first line ttt for lichen sclerosis?high potency topical steroids

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