Step 2 CK Derm Rapid Review

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Question Answer
Stuck on/waxy appearance Suborrheic Keratosis
Red plaques with silvery white scales and sharp marginespsoriasis
m/c type of skin cancerBasal Cell CA
Pearly colored papule with translucent surfance and telengectasiaBasal Cell CA
hony crusted lesionImpetigo
Febrile, Diabetic, red swollen painful extremityCellulitis
+NikolskyPemphigus vulgaris/TEN
-NikolsklyBullous pemphigoid
Velvety dark patches on neck/backacanthosis nigricans
Dermatomal distributionvarizella zoster
Flat Topped papules, purple, polygonal, pruriticLichen planus
Targetoid lesionserythema multiforme
One large patch with several small ones with a tree like distributionpityriasis rosea
Flat hypopigmented lesions on chest and back, KOHpred=spaghetti/MeatballsTinea versicolor
Asymmetry, border irregularity, color variation, large diameter, changing appearanceMelanoma
Premalignant lesion from sun exposure that can lead to Sq cell CAActinic keratosis
Cradle CapSuborrheic Keratosis
Painful recurrect vesicular eruption of mucocutaneous surfaceHerpes simplex
inflammation/thinning of anogenital arealichen slcerosus
Exophytic nodules on skin with scaling or ulcerationSq cell CA
2nd mcc of skin cancerSq cell CA

Section 2

Question Answer
Rx Atopic dermatitis/eczemaTopic steroids
Atopic dermatitis extensor or flexural serface?flexural
Cause of Suborrheic DermatitisMalassezia Furfur
Rx Suborrheic dermatitisSelenium Sulfide or Zinc pyrithione shampoos/ topical antifungals/steroids
Rx cradle capnone - regular bathing
Psoriasis flexor or exenstor surfaces?extensor
Auspitz signBleeds when scraped in psoriasis
Rx psoriasis Topical steroids, Severe dz gets methotrexate/tnf alpha inhibitors
Rx UtricariaSystemic antihistamins
Classic Targetoid Lesionerythema multiforme
Rx eythema multiformeSelf limited, no rx
Panniculitis of subcutaenous adiposeErythema Nodosum
Painful erythematous nodules on anterior shinserythema nodosum
Work up for Erythema nodosumASO titer, ppd, cxr for sarcoidosis, ibd workup
Rx erythema nodosumnsaids/cool compresses/potassium iodide
firm blisters, ab to hemidesmosomes, linear deposits along BMbulloud pemphigoid
Rx Bullous pemphigoidSteroids (Prednisone) and Clobetasol
Rx Pemphigus vulgarisHigh dose Steroids and immunosupression
Drugs causing pemphigus vulgaris ACE's, penicillamine, phenobarbitol, penicillin
Antidesmoglein ab, eroded blistersPemphigus vulgaris

Section 3

Question Answer
Hand lesions in someone with genital herpesHerpetic whitlow
Rx Herpes SimplexUsually self resolves or give oral Acyclovir
Adults exposed to VZV immunize within 5 days of exposure
Tiny flesh colors done shapres waxy papules with central umbilicationMolloscum contagiousum
Rx Molloscumlocal destruction in adults, nothing in kids(resolve spontaneously)
organism in impetigoGroup A Strep/Staph
Rx impetigolimited = topical mupirocin, extensive = oral cephalexin, dicloxacillin, clinda
Small pink spots on trunk in grous of 10-20 w/fever and GI probsSalmonella typhi
Rx Cellulitis 5-10 days of oral abx/ iv if diabetic/immunocompromised
Rx Necrotizing fasciitis immediate surgical exploration
Rx Folliculitis Topical mupirocin or oral cephalexin if severe
Superficial flaccid blisters rapidly spreading in 24-48 hrsSSS
Dense rope like bands in the skin w/ strictures/lymphedema hydradenitis suppurativa
Hair loss w/ residual black dottinea capitis
Rx tinea capitisoral griseofulvin/itraconazole
Rx LiceTopical permethrin
Rx Scabies Oral ivermectin/Topical 5% permethrin
Rx Gangrenesurgical debridement, hyperbaric O2
Flushing with hot drinks, spicy foods, alcoholRosacea
Rx RosaceaTopical Metro or oral doxy

Section 4

Question Answer
Soft yellow plaques on eyeliedsxanthelesma
Paniful acute eyelid gland infection (stye)Hardoleum
Chronic inflammation w/ painful cyst dye to block eyelid glandChalazion
Nodular rubbery lesion with persistent/recurrent chalazionsMebomian gland CA
Stuck on waxy brown papulesSuborrheic keratosis = benign
Flat scaly "sand paper" lesions assc with sun exposureActinic Keratosis = premalignant
Rx Suborrheic keratosiscryotherapy/Shave excision
Rx Actinic keratosisCryosurgery, topical 5FU or topical imiquimod
Rx Sq Cell CAMohs Surgery or surgical excision
Dx Basal Cell CAShave biopsy
Rx Basal Cell CAExcision, cautery, cryotherapy
CA mcc at Lower lipSq Cell CA
Rx MelanomaExcision with wide margins

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