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Question Answer
saphenous nervemedial foot
AFPmarker for HCCx
calcitoninmedullary cx of thyroid
CEAcolon cx
Placental Alk phosseminoma
Prostatic acid phosphataseprostate cx
chronicx lichen simplexdue to scratching, tx steroids, can develop into sq cell cx
lichen planusHep B and C assoc, can develop into sq cell cx
lichen sclerosusetio ukn, need bx to r/o SqCCx tx with hi-dose cortico
impetigo, what causes blistersexfoliative toxins
pyrogenic exotoxinStrep Pyogenes, attacks desmoglein assoc w scarlet fever and strep TSS
streptolysin OS Pyrogenes, myocardio toxin
ASO titerto r/o a patient with Acute renal failure of signs of Rheumatic Fever has been exposed to S Pyrogenes
Streptolysin Sfrom S. Pyrogenes, non-important
TSST-1S Aureus
non-bullous impetigoMCC is S Aure > Strep Pyo, Mupirocin
young girl abd pxthink UTI
preg and RAD risk<0.05 Gy, single radio graph ~0.00015, pelvic CT is 0.025, abd CT us 0.030
preg and recieve >0.05 gyup microceph and retard, ddx is fetal ETOTH syndrome however, hi-lvls cause IUGR, heart limb and brain defects
hip frxwork-up osteopor
osgood schlattermale 14-15 at tibial tuberosity
lo dose CTAged 55-80 with 30 pack hx, do not need to do if quit smoking greater than 15 years
wrist XRaydetermine bone age in children
DenosumabMAB against RANKL * dn Clast, for Osteopor
Fever, Leukocytosis and RUQ abd painacute cholecystitis
Viral gastroenteritisresolves by day 4
acute cholecystitismurphy most senstive and specific test
Murphy's sign, inspiratory arrest during RUQ palppathognomonic(very specific) for cholecystitis
emphysematous cholecystitisgas seen on U/S up crepitus, bug clostridia
acute choles findingthickening > 4-5 mm and presence of pericholescytic fluid
acute cholecystitisdo immediate lap chole, do pecut drainage if unstable
IV CCKprevent sludge formation in patients on TPN
cholecystictis conservative txif afebrile, hemodynamically stable w no comorbiditis.

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INR mechanical heart valves2.5-3.5
vitiligo ddxguttate hypomelanois, a acquired d/o and a defect of the epidermal melanin unit, typpical limbs are more affected than face
hypo pig and fine scaletinea versicolor
bug tinea versicolorpityrosporum ovale
AI work up if found 1 AI dzget thyroid, DM, pernicious anemia, SLE, addisions
L4 nerve root impingementdn knee DTR
L4-L5 herniated nucleus pulposusimpinges L5
Metabolic Syndrome abdominal obesity> 40 inches in male > 35 in female
Metabolic Syndrome TG> 150
Metabolic Syndrome HDL<40 in men and <50 in women
Metabolic Syndrome BP> 130/85
Metabolic Syndrome Fasting Glc> 100
Patellofemoral Pain syndant knee pain due to overloading the knee's extensor mechanism, having weak vastus medialis causes patella to be pulled laterally * up unever wear
Wide Q-anglecauses abn strain to later patella during flexion and extension
patellar tendonitisjumping athletes
SartoriusAsis to pes anserinus
Cobb 20-40bracing
Cobb > 40Srx
Cobb <20follow clinically and radiographically
hyadidtaform moleneed an D an C, snowstorm, use MTX for potential malignant transformation, follow hCG levels
hyadidatform mole metastasislung
hypercholestfor "CAD equivalent" can do 12 week trial of exercise if LDL is >100 but less than 130
"CAD equivalent"DM or smokeing or HTN or HDL les than 40 in males >45 females >55
"CAD equivalent"alters management of LDL goals, want to be <100, ideally <70
antimitochondrial antibodyprimary bili cirr
p-ANCAmarker of primary sclerosising cholangitis
ANA and anti-smoothmuscle ABAI hepatitis
Hysterectomy and ureteral injurycardinal ligament
cardinal ligamentuterine atery course underneath (water under the bridge)

Section 3

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deep peroneal nervesensation to 1st webspace
saphenous nervemedial foot
sural nervelateral foot
tibial nervesole of foot
distal fibular fracturedamage superficial peroneal nerve
superficial peroneal nervedorsum of foot, the nerve crosses the fibula approx 10 cm proximal to lateral malleolus
chancroidsingle painful ulcer, haemophilus ducreyi
syphilissolitary red papules that erode to ulcer (painless chancre)
ChancroidAzithromycin 1g PO single dose or 250mg IM 1x or 500mg erythromycin 3xday/7day or 500mg2xday/3days
lymphogranularum venereumbug is chlamydia tachomatis, tx is doxy PO 3 weeks
posterior scalenerib 2 somatic dysfunc
ant and middle scalenerib 1
pect minorrib 3-5
serratus anteriorrib 6-9
lat dorsirib 10-11
qudratus lumborumrib 12
penile traumadx with retrograde urethrogram (dye injected and images obtained)
urethral injurynever use foley, cytoscope, any insertions
IV pyelogramuseful in detecting obstructiing stones