Step 1 Pics

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Set 1


Question Answer
fibroadenoma of breast
sclerosing adenosis of breast
molluscum contagiosum
invasive lobular carcinoma
second degree AV block, Mobitz type II
erythema nodosum (coccidiodes, histoplasmosis, sarcoidosis, IBD, TB)
brain spongiform encephalopathy
atrial flutter
vessel "tree bark" aorta in syphilis
Pap koilocyte (HPV)
atrial fibrillation
emphysema (air space enlargement)
aplasia cutis (methimazole)
Birbeck granule (Langherhans cell histiocytosis)
psoriatic arthritis (sausage fingers)
ankylosing spondylitis
lymph node follicular lymphoma
sprue (tropical, Celiac)
CMV (owl eye inclusion)
septate uterus
PCP pneumonia (bilat ground glass opacities)
wet mount Trichomonas
MPGN (tram tracks)
EBV (atypical, reactive lymphocytes)

Set 2


Question Answer
lead poisoning
blueberry muffin rash (congenital toxoplasmosis, rubella, CMV)
complete hydatidiform mole
kidney thyroidization of kidney (chronic pyelonephritis)
ToF (boot-shaped heart)
Gaucher disease (crumpled paper Gaucher cell)
neonatal tetanus
lymph node Hodgkin lymphoma (Reed-Sternberg cell w/ owl eye nuclei)
Telangiectasia (e.g. in ataxia-telangiectasia)
Peau d'orange (inflammatory breast cancer)
urine uric acid stone
Menetrier's disease
Whipple disease (PAS+ foamy macrophages)
breast Paget's disease of the breast (Paget cells w/ clear halo)
struvite kidney stone
toxoplasmosis tachyzoites
FSGS (segmental sclerosis)
subdural hematoma
kidney renal cell carcinoma
acute post-streptococcal GN (hypercellular)
congenital syphilis
ovary Brenner tumor (coffee bean nuclei)
kidney renal oncocytoma
viral hepatitis (Councilman body)
Pancoat tumor
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (delta wave)

Set 3


Question Answer
bicornuate uterus
Ventricular fibrillation
Amebiasis (trophozoite w/ ingested RBCs)
kidney transitional cell carcinoma
Malaria (trophozoite)
Leishmaniasis (macrophage w/ amastigotes)
epidural hematoma
Bowenoid papulosis
Kaposi sarcoma
muscle fiber DMD
urine calcium oxalate stone
skin vesicle Herpes (multi-nucleated giant cell)
fibromuscular dysplasia ("string of beads")
urine ATN (muddy brown casts)
Duodenal atresia ("double bubble," Down)
subarachnoid hemorrhage
Candida germ tubes (37 degrees)
diabetic nephropathy (KW lesion)
liver Mallory body (alcoholic hepatitis)
stomach diffuse stomach cancer (signet ring cell)
multiple myeloma (plasma cells)
lymph node Burkitt lymphoma (starry sky)

Set 4


Question Answer
Lung abscess/cavitation (air-fluid levels)
third degree AV block
respiratory secretions measles (Warthin-Finkeldey cells)
cystine kidney stone
uterus didelphys
Adenovirus (Cowdry type B inclusions, intranuclear)
Asplenia (Howell-Jolly body)
thyroid colloid goiter
membranous nephropathy ("spike and dome")
DPGN (wire looping of capillaries)
brain, silver stain Frontotemporal dementia/Pick disease (Pick bodies)
Monckeberg arteriosclerosis (pipe stem appearance of medium arteries)
severe megaloblastic anemia (Cabot ring)
carcinoid tumor (little to no variation b/w cells)