Step 1 Endocrine High Yield *Most Common

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Question Answer
Addison Disease1.) Autoimmune 2.) Infection
Cancer of adrenal medulla - adultsPheochromocytoma
Cancer of adrenal medulla - kidsNeuroblastoma
Cancer of Pituitary1.) Prolactinoma 2.) Somatropic "acidophilic" adenoma
Cancer of the ThyroidPapillary Carcinoma
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia1.) 21-Hydroxylase deficiency 2.) 11-Hydroxylase defeiciency
Cushing1.) Exogenous steroid therapy 2.) Primary adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) tumor 3.) Adrenal adenoma 4.) Ectpoic ACTH tumor (Small cell carcinoma)
Enzyme deficiency21-Hydroxylase - 95% of congenital hyperplasia
Hypercalcemia1.) Hyperparathyroidism 2.) Squamous cell carcinoma
Hyperparathyroidism - primary1.) Solitary adenomas 2.) parathyroid hyperplasia 3.) parathyroid carcinoma
Hyperparathyroidism - secondary Hypocalcemia from chronic renal failure
HyperthyroidismGrave's Disease
Hypopituitarusm - adults1.) Nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma 2.) pregnant women with hypovolemia= Sheehan syndrome
Hypopituitarusm - kidsCraniopharymgioma
HypothyroidismHashimoto thyroiditis
Peripheral neuropathyDiabetes mellitus
Thyroid disease Goiter