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Question Answer
Acute Mitral Insufficiency - ChildrenKawasaki Disease
AneurysmAbdominal Aorta
AV FistulaPenetrating knife wound
Cancer of the Heart - AdultsMetastases
Cancer of the Heart - Primary - AdultsMyxoma "ball valve" dilated left atria. scattered cells within a mucopolysaccharride stroma
Cancer of the Heart - Primary - ChildrenRhabdomyoma
CardiomyopathyDilated (congestive) cardiomyopathy
Cause of Acute endocarditisStaphylococcus aureus
Cause of Subacute endocarditisViridans streptococci
Congenital cardiac anomalyVentricular septal defect (membranous > muscular)
Congenital early cyanosisTetralogy of Fallot
Coronary artery thrombosisLeft anterior descending
Death in hypertension1.) Acute mitral insufficiency 2.) Lenticulostriate stroke 3.) Renal failure (benign nephrosclerosis)
Death in the United StatesIschemic heart Disease
Heart MurmurMitral Valve Prolapse
Heart valve in bacterial endocarditisMitral
Heart valve in bacterial endocarditis in IV drug usersTricuspid
Heart valve in Rheumatic feverMitral > aortic
Hypertension1.) Essential (95%) 2.) Renal disease
Hypertension - ChildrenRenal Disease, cystic disease, Wilm's Tumor
Hypertension - young womenOral contraceptives
MyocarditisCoxsackie B Virus
Right heart failureLeft Heart Failure
Secondary Hypertension Renal disease
Sites of atherosclerosisAbdominal Aorta > coronary > popliteal > carotid
Vasculitis (of medium and small arteries)Temporal arteritis