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What does Acute Coronary Syndrome include?Unstable Angina, STEMIs and NSTEMIs
What is the classic pain in STEMI?Diffuse central chest pain that is heavy, sensation or pressure or squeezing, that can occur at rest or with exertion, can radiate typically to left arm or jaw, lasts for at least 20 minutes
When should a STEMI be suspected?Persistent ST segment elevation in 2 or more leads
What blood markers can be used to aid diagnosis?CKMB and cardiac specific tropinins
Why is revascularisation in MIs important?prevents/limits myocardial damage
What are 5 key diagnostic factors in the history and examination for STEMIs?Chest pain, dyspnoea, pallor, diaphoresis and cardiogenic shock
What is given in a presumed STEMI?Aspirin, oxygen, morphine and GTN
What other treatments can be given in STEMIs at times?emergency revascularisation, anti-coagulation, ionotrope support, clopidogrel, beta blockers, statins, eplerenone, glucose control
What treatments are given post STEMI?Aspirin, clopidogrel, beta-blocker, statin, eplrenone

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