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When bacteria enter thru the vagina >> uterine infection, salpingitis/polysalpingitis >>(possible)>> bacteria reach abdominal cavity and cause peritonitis >> liver infectionPID (pelvic inflammatory disease)
Is PID related to sexual activity? Yes, the causative bacteria enter thru the vagina.
What structure is not usually visible thru US but becomes apparent in PID?The salpinges (hydrosalpinx in US)
Causative agent in PIDPolymicrobial infection (anaerobes, aerobes, vaginal flora, etc.)
MAIN causative agents in PID (2 G- bacteria)Chlamydia and gonococcus
A complication of chronic PID - its risk in the general population is 1% but rises to 10% in PIDEctopic pregnancy
NORMALLY, when dye is injected into the cervix, it ___ (will/will not) be visualized inside the abdominal cavity.will - the dye travels thru the uterus to the salpinges, and is then ejected into the abdominal cavity. Completely normal.
In PID, when dye is injected into the cervix, it ___ (will/will not) be visualized in the abdominal cavity.will not - the inflamed salpinges become thickened and blocked, so the dye accumulates within them. The dye does not reach the cavity.
Best way to prevent PIDCondoms
Tx of PIDbroad-spectrum ABx

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The triad of symptoms in PID is fever, abdominal pain and-movement-sensitive cervix uteri

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