STD review and adolescent

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Section 1

Question Answer
musty odor; not fishy; pH below 4.5candidasis
hyphae with spores, tree limbs, pencil markscandidasis
grey-white, thin, hemogenous fishy dischargebacterial vaginosis
+whiff test, pH above 4.5bacterial vaginosis
frothy-yellow, copious, friable, strawberry cervictrichomonas
green discharge, affinity for columnar cells, purulent or mucopurlentgonorrhea
yellow discharge, often asymptomaticchlyamidia
painful vessicles on a reddned based, progresses to crusting ulcersherpes
soft, flesh colored, painless, cauliflower massHPV
painless ulcer on well circumscribed base, + condylomata, rash on hands and feetsyphillis

Section 2

Question Answer
first pap, HPV screenage 21 regardless of sex
assure confidntialitywhy they dont trust HCP #1 reason
USPSTFagainst screening for asymptomatic scolsis
HEADSSShome enviro, employement/education, acitivites, drugs, sex, suicide, saftey
need more nutrition than that of an adultadolescent 38-45 cal/kg
16-32 oz dailymilk
1 1/2 - 2 quarts dailywater
strictly plant basedvegans
lack b12, zince, protein, ironvegans
milk/dairy to plant basedlactovegetarian
eggs, milk, diary, to plant baselacto-ovo-vegetarians
key with disciplinenegotiation
expectations are standards for familyrole modeling
feel invicible, impulsive, aggresive #1 thing in this groupsaftey

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