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Question Answer
MeanAdd all the numbers together then divide by how many numbers
MedianPut in order and then check for the middle number
ModeHighly repeated number the one that never changes
How many subjects are there in Drug A groupAbsolute risk reduction 6% - Standard therapy 4% -> 2 -> Number of pts 24 / 2 -> 12 X 100 -> 1200
Pt neither dr is aware who is taking placebo or actual drug prevents whatObserver bias
Recently Grandparent passed away 2 months ago and 5yr old girl is talking to her in a room with empty chairNormal behavior Under age 6
Probabiliy pt truly does not have a diseaseNegative predictive value
SensitivityPpl test + and have the disease
SpecificityPpl test - and DO not have disease
PPVProbability of person who tested + will have the disease
NPVProbability of person who tested - will not have the disease