Stats 2

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Question Answer
Univariate visualisationData with only one variable, how the observed values distribute
Univariate visualisation examplesHistogram, bar plot, box plot, ECDF
Bivariate visualisationMore than one variable, association between variables
Bivariate visualisation examplesQQ plot, scatter plot, mosaic plot
Histogram bin sizeThe change in x
Histogram number of binsThe number of intervals along the x axis
Box plot, long tail to the rightPositive skew
Box plot, long tail to the leftNegative skew
ECDFplots each unique value vs the percentage of values in the sample that are less than or equal to it.
QQ plotComparing two distributions, plots the quantiles of each data set against each other then uses a 45 degree reference line to see if they come from a population with the same distribution.

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