Statistics of diseases

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Question Answer
Chlamydia2013: 1,401,906 ------ 446.6/100,000 in United States
Gonorrhea2013: 333,004 ------ 106.1/100,000 in United States
Syphilis (primary and secondary)2013: 17,375 ------ 5.5/100,000 in United States
Syphilis (congential)2013: 348 ------ 7.8/100,000 live births in United States
Leptospira interrogans - Leptospirosis5%-30% result in death
Brucellosis (undulant fever)100-200 cases/year
Rickettisa prowazekii - Epidemic typhus60% mortality rate in untreated cases
R. rickettsii - Rocky mountain spotted fever1,800 per year with 0.5% mortality rate
Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Gonorrhea60% individuals aged 15-24
Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Gonorrhea (men)Single exposure results in 20%-35% chance of infection
Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Gonorrhea (women)Single exposure results in 60%-90% chance of infection
N. meningitidisUsually strikes children under 2, results in 5% mortality
Bordetella pertussis - Whooping Cough2013: 28,639
E. coli35% of all UTIs
E. coli75% of pyelonephritis cases
E. coli O157:H72010: 0.9/100,000 in United States
Salmonella1 million illnesses in the United States, with 19,000 hospitalizations and 380 deaths.
Bacillary dysentery (shigellosis)20,000-30,000 cases in the United States annually
Borrelia burgdorferi - Lyme diseaseTOTAL US Cases: 1990-2012: 460,682
Haemophilus influenzaeCarrier rates as high as 80% in children, 20%-50% in healthy adults
Legionella pneumophila - Legionellosis (pneumonia)25,000 cases estimated each year. 1,000 of which are reported
Francisella tularensis - tularemia (rabbit fever)200 cases in hunters in 2010
Campylobacter jejuni2 million cases per year in United States
Helicobacter pylori3% correlation to cancer
Helicobacter pylori30%-50% become infected in industrialized nations; 15% develop ulcers
Chlamydia trachomatis - trachoma (chronic)20 million cases per year, most common cause of blindness worldwide
Streptococcal meningitisMortality rate of 30%-60%. 1-3 children become infected per 1,000 individuals
Streptococcus pneumoniae1% mortality in children, can be as high as 25% in elderly
Listeria monocytogenes - listeriosis1,600 cases and 260 deaths per year in United States
Bacillus anthracis - anthrax1 case per year in United States
Clostridium tatani - tetanus100 cases per year, 25% which are fatal in the United States
Mycobacterium leprae - leprosy10-12 million cases are estimated worldwide
M. tuberculosisOne new case every second. 1/3 or 33% of the world's population is infected.
Propionibacterium acnes - Acne17 million people in the United States, 85% teenagers.
Cystic acne350,000 people each year
Coccidioides immitis - Valley fever, San Joaquin fever100,000 cases per year. 50-100 deaths per year.