Station Log Book 102.00.1

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1.1 To insure a standardized method of completing the station log book.
1.2 To insure that pertinent information is identified from a legal and departmental view in reference to the station log book..


Question Answer
How to log entriesblack or blue ink and print legibly
Who ensures a completion of the log bookThe senior company officer, reviews and signs for correctness and completion.
Log entries include but are not limited to whatDay of week, date and shift assigned; status of crew; Inspection of primary apparatus and status of same *note apparatus and CD number if different from the primary; Discrepancies, work orders and repairs
Log entries include but are not limited to whatStatus of secondary apparatus, receipt or transfer of secondary apparatus and location it was sent/received from and unit condition; training conducted; PR events include station, equipment, apparatus or coverage.
Log entries include but are not limited to whatDepartmental activities to include pre plans, testing of hose, pump, apparatus, or hydrants; Chiefs or admin in station; Ordering or receiving of supplies (medical and cleaning); Volunteers, students, and guest in station
Log entries include but are not limited to whatStation duties completed that day; Activity or occurrence requiring an accident, incident, or law enforcement report involving personnel, station or apparatus; Any entries CO feel should be included
Time limit to fill for a new bookMinimum of two weeks prior to fill an order shall be made for a replacement
What do you do with a full log bookShall be turned into the Public Safety Office to be filed.