Statin Drug Counselling

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Question Answer
How does it work?Stops the liver from making as much cholesterol.
What are the benefits of it?Cholesterol is one of the things that leads to artery problems, causing heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Statins therefore reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
Why is a statin given?They are at risk of a cardiovascular event/stroke in the next 10 years (QRISK 2 score of more than 10%), or they have already had a cardio/cerebrovascular event
What other information should be given about vascular disease?It is also important to address other risk factors, such as good control of diabetes, blood pressure, diet and exercise. A diet low in fat will help lower cholesterol. Saturated fats are known to raise cholesterol, and this information is found on most food packaging.
Likely name of medication and dose given?Atorvastatin (also known as lipitor), 20mg if primary, 80mg if secondary
When is it taken?Once every day, often in the evening
How is it taken?A tablet to be swallowed.
How long is it taken for?Lifelong, and this is important as it helps reduce the risk of cardio/cerebrovascular disease
Time before effects noticed?Decreases risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease over years
What tests and monitoring is required?Blood tests for lipid profile, LFTS, kidney function and even HBa1c before starting. LFTs after 3 months and 12 months. Review lipid profile in 3 months, with yearly review.
Side effects?Common - Muscle pains (stop and seek medical advice) and GI Upset. Uncommon - sleep disturbances and erectile dysfunction.
Complications?Rhabdomyolysis and myopathy
Contraindications?pregnancy (teratogenic) - also active liver disease
Supplementary informationAvoid grapefruit juice and St John's wort - for more info

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