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State Morphology

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Section 1

Question Answer
What is a prorupted state?compact state with large extension
what is a elongated state?long state
what is a compact state?small and circle like
what is a fragmented state?territory consists of 2 or more parts separated by foreign territory or internal waters
what is a perforated state?surrounded by another independent country

Section 2

Question Answer
exclavea type of fragment where 2 or more parts of a state are separated by another state
enclave a state totally surrounded by another
what states are prorupted?Burma and Thailand
What states are elongated?Vietnam
What states are compact?Cambodia
What states are fragmented?Indonesia, Phillipenes, and Malaysia
What states are perforated?Brunei


Question Answer
what are the advantages of fragmented states?lots of access to trade, potential diversity of its population
what are the disadvantages of fragmented states?where do you put the capital? unity is difficult