State Issues for Ohio - Nov 3 2009

Updated 2009-10-25 05:31


Memorize facts about the three state issues in the Ohio Nov 3 election.


Question Answer
Date of electionNov 3
Number of state issues3
Issue 1Veterans' compensation
Issue 2Livestock care standards
Issue 3Casinos

Issue 1: Veterans' compensation

Question Answer
bonuses paid tocertain veterans
bonuses paid bystate of Ohio
limited to veterans who served during which conflicts?Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan
amount of bonuses (if served in combat zones)up to $1000
amount of bonuses (if not served in combat zones)up to $500
amount of death benefit$5000


Question Answer
death benefit paid tofamily of any Ohio soldier killed (in line of duty)
has state paid similar bonuses (to veterans for past conflicts)?yes
how would the state pay?debt financing
who will administer?Ohio Department of Veterans Services
state will pay up to$200 million in bonuses

Issue 2: Livestock care standards

Question Answer
would result in amendment tothe state constitution
would create astate board (to establish livestock-care standards)
name of board (that would be created)Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board
who would appoint panel members?governor and legislature
the Humane Society isopposed to the amendment
Humane Society advocateslimits on animals being confined in small places

State Issue 3: Casinos

Question Answer
proposed byprivate developers
would authorizecasinos in or near ohio cities
casinos would be inColumbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo
issue's main sponsors arePenn National Gaming Inc. and Dan Gilbert
who would develop the casinos?the issue's main sponsors
casinos would be taxed ata rate of 33 percent
opposition is led byTruthPAC (funded by MTR Gaming Group)