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What is St. John’s Wart for? Depression
How herbals are diff from FDA drugs Assume safe until proven otherwise
Which one has a bad interaction: kava- depression Meds/ garlic- bottled water / ginkgo- and aspirinGinkgo and Aspirin
Which herbal is good for oral conditions?Blood Root (antibacterial use in mouth wash and tooth paste for plaque and gingivitis) and Mrryh (anti-inflammation)
which bacteria forms spores?Clostridium
which is most common virus, bacteria, toxin in food poisoning?Bacteria- (Salmonella: rob shaped, gram -, mobile)


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Which of these is not an Herbal supplements: ginseng, ginkgo, balboa, and seleniumselenium
what is the carrier gas in Second gas effect Nitrous Oxide
most likely to cause extrapyramidal effectsPhenothiazine antipsychotics
Chlorpromazine blocks what receptorsDopaminergic
MAOI have similar action to what type of drugs?amphetamines (I don't know how they're similar... maybe they are... but you could argue that TCA is similar... So i'd go with TCA's if its a choice)
(some antidepressant drug) has significant anti-muscarinic effects which leads to what oral manifestation?xerostomia
Prozac = what class of drugs?SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
Dentist gonna give N2O, what respiratory condition is a major contraindication = severe COPD
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Two drugs that are contraindicated with COPDN2O & Opioids
Most likely contraindication to use N2O Low emotional instability w/ N2O abuse (don't put much stock in this... its either not what the question is or this wasn't the right answer? it seems like the question might be asking about effects of chronic exposure or abuse... think )
Who was the First doctor to document general anesthesia case? William Morton
Minimum alveolar conc. of N2O100-110% (105)
T/F: malignant Hyperthermia can be an adverse effect of Antipsychotic drugsTrue
T/F: Malignant hyperthermia can be treated with Dantrolene or BromocriptinTrue
T/F: MAC is a measure of the potency of inhalation agentsTrue (Inc MAC =Dec Potency)
define: the alveolar concentration of anesthetic at which 50% of patients fail to respond to a standardMAC (minimum alveolar concentration)
Diffusion hypoxia most likely to occur with what inhaled anesthetic?N2o
T/F: Phenothiazine (Antipsychotic) derivatives produce gingival enlargementFalse (does not)
primary drug used for manic phase depressivesLithium Salt (anti-maniac)
Which drug induces dissociative anesthesiaKetamine
T/F: Prozac is the most common prescribed antidepressantTrue
T/F: Prozac is a Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitortrue
T/F: BOTH Competitive antagonist of progesterone Receptors and use of termination of early pregnancyTrue
2 Mechanisms of action for propylthiuracila. inhibits peripheral T4 to T3 conversion b. inhibits thyro-peroxidase to inhibit oxidation and coupling of tyrosine (inhibits thyroid peroxidase -> dec iodine oxidation and iodination of tyrosine -> less TH production)
Anastrazol is an inhibitor of ______synthesis (aromatase inhibitor)Estrogen
list 3 uses of synthetic estrogenmenopause, decrease osteoporosis, increase puberty in delayed pre-pubertal girls
Adverse effects of oral contraceptivesall the above (gingival enlargement, gingival disease, periodontal attachment loss)
what is the most active metab of Vit. D?Calcitriol
T/F: MAC correlates well with Oil and water partition
List 6 Major side effects of antipsychotic agentsa.Tardive Dyskinesia, b.Malignant Hyperthermia, c.Cholestatic Jaundice d. Blood dyscrasias, e. Dermatologic reactions f. Agranulocytosis (with Clozapine)
Thiazolidinediones lower blood glucose... how?improve insulin sensitivity and increase insulin dependent glucose uptake and utilization
______ given as pre-op to dec salivation, laryngospasm, and reflex brachycardia, Dec effects of vagus nerve on the heartAtropine
Delayed hepatotoxicity (due to metabolic products that cause hepatic hypersensitivity reaction for ) = ________hepatitis **TEST**
Question Answer
Malignant hyperthermia: especially when combined with SuccinylCholine (rare but can be severe/fatal... ___ is not taken up from sarcoplasmic reticulum and leads to this; Antidote for this is _____Calcium; Dantrolene
4. Apnea (30%) with induction dose → most imp resp adverse effect **TEST**
5. Advantage: main one is that it can be used for induction AND maintenance of anesthesia, as well as for conscious sedation **TEST**


6. Stimulates the CVS (UNIQUE; only drug that does this), does NOT depress respiration (unlike other drugs) **TEST**


BZD- Diazepam:
7. Water insoluble, but solubilized in propylene glycol - can cause vascular inflammation in small veins = thrombophlebitis **TEST**


Antipsychotic drugs:
8. Rare fatal neuroleptic malignant syndrome or hyperthermia** TEST**


Tricyclic Antidepressants:
9. ANS effect: potent anticholinergic (but paradoxically cause inc sweating) and sexual dysfunction **TEST**


Second and third generation antidepressants:
10. Adverse effects: various levels of sedation, antimucarinic, CV effects, and rashes
Bupropion is an EXCEPTION to this **TEST** → minimal CV effects, some CNS stimulation
Bupropion is only one that causes weight LOSS; all others cause weight GAIN


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Which of the following properties would best explain isoflurane having the slowest onset of inhalation agents?: low MAC, unique molecular structure, high blood:gas coefficient, high fat:blood coefficient?High Blood:Gas Coefficient
Which of the following is correct regarding respiratory influences of nitrous oxide?: A. increases respiratory rate B. depresses hypoxemic drive C. depresses minute ventilationA & B (actually may increase minute ventilation)