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Question Answer
Capital of the Falkland IslandsPort Stanley
Has the city BishkekKyrgyzstan
Containing or producing tinStanniferous
Relives nasal blockagedecongestant
Actress in the Big ValleyBarbara Stanwyck
Balkan skirt like garment worn by menFustanella
Capital of Roman EmpireConstantinople
Largest City in TurkeyIstanbul
Ford auto from 1964Mustang
Ralph Fiennes fil about diplomatThe Constant Gardener
When individuals don't help victims in an emergencyBystander effect
Variation of set of numberstandard deviation

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Question Answer
Suffix means land/nation/place of-stan
Kabul, landlockedAfghanistan
Cossaks, south of Russia, on Caspian Sea, AstanaKazakhstan
Means mountain, 40 tribes, next to China, BishkekKyrgyzstan
Holy or an abbrv. + land, Islamabad, next to India on Arabian SeaPakistan
Crown head, Dushanbe, next to China and AfghanistanTajikistan
I am, Ashgabat, on Caspian Sea, north of IranTurkmenistan
Genuine Man, Tashkent, landlockedUzbekistan

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Question Answer
Hardcore fan, combo of fan and stalkerstan
Go far ahead ofOutdistance
a person who refuses to consider or accept changeStandpatter
an upright bar, post, or frame forming a support or barrier.Stanchion
An officer of the church who is in charge of sacred objectsSacristans
Free-living or colonial organisms with diverse nutritional and reproductive modesProtistans
A tin mineStannary
English colonist in America; leader of the Pilgrims in the early days of the Plymouth ColonyStandish
to be more watertight, strong, form of staunchstancher
Spanish for estateestancia
a revolving cylinder with a vertical axis used for winding a rope or cable, powered by a motor or pushed around by levers.capstans
Finger clicking thing from flamencocastanet
Name for tinStannum
Form of scoring teststanine
Used to view microphotographs without a microscopeStanhopes
Liquid from shark liver oilPristane
Relating to tinStannic