stages of Reading

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stage 0pre-reading, 'logographic', can't understand reading (preschool)
stage 1initial reading (elementary) , learn letter-sound correspondences, phonological processing develop more
stage 2confirmation and fluency (elementary), fluent automatic reader
stage 3reading to learn (middle school), read for meaning of text, big vocab
stage 4multiple viewpoints (highschool), analyze texts
stage 5construction and reconstruction (college), read multiple text and write synthesis

Section 2

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phonological awarenessstart w/ segmenting speech stream to words
3 types of soundssyllables, onsets/rimes, phonemes
why importantreaders can understand alphabetic principle (letters rep words)
automaticityfast word id
skills needed in fluencyaccuracy in decoding, automaticity in word id, good use of stress/prosodic features

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3 levels of comprehensionbasic literacy (read for facts), critical literacy (content), dynamic literacy (know info across text)
shift from read to learn shift happen in 4th grade
cause of dyslexiaprob w/ phonological aspects of reading, genes, brain differences
treatmentearly id, intervention, develop literacy programs, research

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