Stages of development in intrauterine life

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4
At the end of First Month (Embryo)Length is about 1 cmWeight is about 2.5 gmThe Eyes are seen as dark spots.The Mouth seen as a cleft
At the end of Second MonthLength is about 4 cmsWeight is about 10 gmThe hands and feet are webbed.The Placenta begins to form.The Anus is seen as a dark spot
At the end of Third MonthLength is about 9 cmsWeight is about 30 gm Eyes Closed and Pupillary Membrane appears. Nails starts appearing.Neck is formed
At the end of Fourth MonthLength is about 16 cmsWeight is about 120 gmSex can be recognized.Lanugo hair is seen over the body.Convolution begins to develop in brain.Meconium is found in the duodenum
At the end of Fifth MonthLength is about 25 cmWeight is about 400 gmNails are distinct and soft.Light hair appears on head.Skin is covered with Vernix Caseosa.Meconium is seen at the beginning of large intestine
At the end of Sixth MonthLength is about 30 cmWeight is about 700 gmEyebrows and eyelashes appear.Skin is red and wrinkled. Subcutaneous fats begins to be deposited.The testes are seen close to the Kidney
At the end of Seventh MonthLength is about 35 cmWeight is about 900-1200 gmCrown-rump length is about 23 cms.Foot length is about 8 cms.Nails are thick.Eyelids open and pupillary membrane disappears.Skin is dusky red, thick and fibrous.Meconium is found in the entire large intestine.Testes are found at the external inguinal canal.Gallbladder contains bile.Caecum is seen in Right iliac fossa.Ossification centre is present in the Talus
At the end of Eight MonthLength is about 40 cmWeight is about 1 Kg to 2.5 KgNails reach to the tip of finger.Scalp hair is thicker.Left testis is present in the scrotum.Placenta weight is around 500 gm
At the end of Ninth MonthLength is about 45 cmWeight is about 2.5 Kg to 3 KgScalp hair is dark and 4cms long.Meconium is seen at the end of large intestine.Ossification center are usually present in the lower end of femur, in Cuboid and Capitate bone.